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{{Unicode|117. [1] ἐν ταύτῃ τῇ ἐν Μαραθῶνι μάχῃ ἀπέθανον τῶν βαρβάρων<br/>
κατὰ ἑξακισχιλίους καὶ τετρακοσίους ἄνδρας, Ἀθηναίων δὲ ἑκατὸν καὶ<br/>
ἐνενήκοντακαὶ δύο. ἔπεσον μὲν ἀμφοτέρων τοσοῦτοι.[2] συνήνεικε δὲ<br />
αὐτόθι θῶμα γενέσθαι τοιόνδε, Ἀθηναῖον ἄνδρα '''Ἐπίζηλον τὸν'''<br />
'''Κουφαγόρεω''' ἐν τῇ συστάσιμαχόμενόν τε καὶ ἄνδρα γινόμενον ἀγαθὸν<br/>
''τῶν ὀμμάτων στερηθῆναι οὔτε πληγέντα οὐδὲν τοῦ σώματος οὔτε βληθέντα,''<br/>
''καὶ τὸ λοιπὸν τῆς ζόης διατελέειν ἀπὸ τούτου τοῦ χρόνου ἐόντα τυφλόν''.<br/>
[3] λέγειν δὲ αὐτὸν περὶ οῦ πάθεος ἤκουσα τοιόνδε τινὰ λόγον, ἄνδρα<br/>
οἱ δοκέειν ὁπλίτην ἀντιστῆναι μέγαν,τοῦ τὸ γένειον τὴν ἀσπίδα πᾶσαν<br/>
σκιάζειν· τὸ δὲ φάσμα τοῦτο ἑωυτὸν μὲν παρεξελθεῖν,τὸν δὲ ἑωυτοῦ <br/>
παραστάτην ἀποκτεῖναι. ταῦτα μὲν δὴ Ἐπίζηλον ἐπυθόμην λέγειν.}}<br />
117. In this fight at Marathon there were slain of the Barbarians<br/>
about six thousand four hundred men, and of the Athenians a hundred <br/>
and ninety and two. Such was the number which fell on both sides;<br/>
and it happened also that a marvel occurred there of this kind:<br/>
an Athenian, '''Epizelos the son of Cuphagoras''', while fighting in the<br/>
close combat and proving himself a good man, ''was deprived of the sight''<br/>
''of his eyes, neither having received a blow in any part of his body'' <br/>
''nor having been hit with a missile, and for the rest of his life from''<br/>
''this time he continued to be blind'': and I was informed that he used<br/>
to tell about that which had happened to him a tale of this kind,<br/>
namely that it seemed to him that a tall man in full armour stood<br/>
against him, whose beard overshadowed his whole shield; and this<br/>
apparition passed him by, but killed his comrade who stood next<br/>
to him. Thus, as I was informed, Epizelos told the tale. <br />

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Epizelus (alternatively spelled Epizdelos, Epitzelos; Greek: Ἐπίζηλον), the son of Cuphagoras (Greek: Κουφάγoρας) was an Athenian soldier who fought at the Battle of Marathon in 490 BCE.