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An Epoch, epoch or EPOCH may refer to:


  • Epoch (astronomy), a moment in time used as a reference for the orbital elements of a celestial body
  • Epoch (cosmology) or cosmologic epoch, a phase in the development of the universe since the Big Bang
  • Epoch (geology) or geologic epoch, a span of time smaller than a period and larger than an age
  • Epoch (race), racial periods in Blavatsky's esoteric theory of the root races
  • Epoch (reference date), a moment in time chosen as the origin of a particular era
  • Unix epoch, the starting time for Unix and Unix based operating systems

Arts and entertainment[edit]

  • Cross Epoch, a crossover chapter of the Dragon Ball and One Piece manga
  • Epoch (DC Comics), a supervillain also known as the Lord of Time
  • Epoch (film), a 2001 science fiction TV film directed by Matt Codd
  • Epoch (Marvel Comics), a cosmic entity in the Marvel Comics universe
  • Epoch, a 2006 album released by the Japanese hip hop group Rip Slyme
  • Epoch, a 2016 album by American musician Tycho
  • Epoch, a 1975 science fiction anthology edited by Roger Elwood and Robert Silverberg.



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