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Epoch cover art.

Epoch is an anthology of science fiction stories edited by Roger Elwood and Robert Silverberg, issued in hardcover by Berkley Putnam in 1975 and in paperback by Berkley in 1977.

Table of contents[edit]

Each story has an afterword. Several were nominated for and/or won awards, and the Gregory Benford story was expanded into the novel Timescape.

The anthology was an attempt to portray the "state of the art" of science fiction at the time it was published, and is important to the field on that basis. Most of the writers are considered "name" providers of science fiction material and several are multiple award-winners.

"Blooded on Arachne" was nominated for the Nebula award in 1976.
"Timescape" won the Nebula Award in 1981.
"Growing Up in Edge City" was nominated for the Nebula Award in 1976.
"ARM" was nominated for the Hugo Award in 1976.
Robert Silverberg won the Hugo Award for "Professional Editor" in 1976.

The anthology is relatively obscure and is out of print as of 2012.

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