Epoch Game Pocket Computer

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Epoch Game Pocket Computer
Epoch Game Pocket Computer Logo.png
An Epoch Game Pocket Computer
DeveloperEpoch Co.
ManufacturerEpoch Co.
TypeHandheld game console
GenerationSecond generation
Release date1984; 39 years ago (1984)
Introductory price¥12,800
MediaROM cartridge
CPUNEC D78C06 @ 6 MHz
Memory2 KB
DisplayMonochrome, 75 × 64 pixels
Sound1 sound channel
Controller input8-way joypad
Power4 AA batteries

The Epoch Game Pocket Computer (Japanese: ゲームポケコン, Hepburn: Gēmupokekon) is a second-generation handheld game console released by Epoch Co. in Japan in 1984 for 12,800 Japanese yen.[1] It is also known as Pokekon[2] and was one of the very few truly[clarification needed] handheld systems to be released in the early 1980s, preceding the Game Boy by 5 years.

The system was a commercial failure in Japan,[3] and as a result, only 5 games were made for it. A puzzle game and a paint program were built into the system. It was powered by 4 AA batteries, and screen's contrast could be adjusted by the user. Input and output controls included four buttons, an 8-way joypad, a contrast dial, and a sound on-off switch.[4]

Because the Game Pocket Computer failed in Japan, and was never released internationally,[5] the device is extremely rare, and units on eBay can go for hundreds of US dollars.[citation needed]

Technical specifications[edit]

  • LC display: monochrome, 75 × 64 pixels[2][6][4][3][7]
  • Power supply: 4 AA batteries[2]
  • Battery life: Not clear; >70 hours[3] or 60 hours[7]
  • CPU: NEC uPD78c06 clocked at 6 MHz[7]
  • RAM: 2 KB[2]
  • ROM (cartridges): 8 or 16 KB[2]
  • Sound: 1 sound channel[2]


There were a total of 7 different games released for the system.

2 were built into the system.[2] The Built-in Functions (本体内蔵機能, Hontai naizō kinō) cartridge included with the system only serves as instructions and to occupy the cartridge slot, containing no game data, as it doesn't need to be inserted into the system to play the games;

  • Puzzle Game (パズルゲーム, Pazurugēmu), an 11 tile version of Fifteen puzzle.
  • Graphics function (グラフィック機能, Gurafikku kinō), a Raster graphics editor paint program.

The other 5 were released separately[2] for 2,980 Japanese yen each, excluding Pocket Computer Mahjong which was 3,800 yen;[1]

  • Astro Bomber (アストロボンバー, Asutorobombā)[4]
  • Block Maze (ブロックメイズ, Burokkumeizu)[6]
  • Pocket Computer Mahjong (ポケコンマージャン, Pokekon mājyan)[4]
  • Pocket Computer Reversi (ポケコンリバーシ, Pokekon ribāsi)[6]
  • Sokoban (倉庫番, sōko-ban)[6]

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