Eponymous To Anonymous

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Eponymous To Anonymous
Box set by Tomahawk
Released April 21, 2012
Recorded 2001-2007
Genre Alternative metal, experimental rock, alternative rock, progressive rock, Native American music
Label Ipecac
Producer Various
Tomahawk chronology
Eponymous To Anonymous

Eponymous To Anonymous is a box set by the American experimental rock supergroup Tomahawk. It was released through Ipecac Recordings as a limited edition release for Record Store Day on April 21, 2012. The box set includes the band's first three studio albums, released on vinyl format for the first time. It was limited to 5,000 copies.[1][2][3]

Background and information[edit]

The box set was made available in Australia, Canada, Europe, the United Kingdom and America. Of the 5,000 copies made, 1,900 were made available for North American stores, the remainder were distributed in other territories.[4]

There is room in the box set for the band's fourth studio album, Oddfellows which was released in 2013.[3]