Epping Forest National Park

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Epping Forest National Park
Epping Forest National Park is located in Queensland
Epping Forest National Park
Epping Forest National Park
Nearest town or city Clermont
Coordinates 22°21′06″S 146°42′05″E / 22.35167°S 146.70139°E / -22.35167; 146.70139Coordinates: 22°21′06″S 146°42′05″E / 22.35167°S 146.70139°E / -22.35167; 146.70139
Established 1971
Area 31.60 km2 (12.20 sq mi)
Managing authorities Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service
See also Protected areas of Queensland

Epping Forest is a national park in Queensland, Australia, 855 km northwest of Brisbane. The park is a scientific national park so it is not open to the public. Only scientists, rangers and volunteers may visit the park. The park lies within the Brigalow Belt North bioregion.[1] It is within the Drummond Basin geological basin and the Belyando River water catchment area.[1]

Restricted access is used to ensure Epping Forest remains very much undisturbed as it is the sole remaining natural habitat of the endangered Northern hairy-nosed wombat.[2] The last census of the animal, undertaken in 2007, estimated there was a population of about 138 of the species.[1] In the 1970s the population was estimated to have reached a low of somewhere between 20 and 30 wombats.

Most of the park is eucalypt woodland with patches of sandy soils that are used by the wombats for burrowing.[1]

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