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Pacific hagfish Myxine.jpg
Eptatretus stoutii
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Myxini
Order: Myxiniformes
Family: Myxinidae
Genus: Eptatretus
Cloquet, 1819
Type species
Gastrobranche dombey
Lacepède, 1798

Bdellostoma Mueller, 1835
Dodecatrema Fowler, 1947
Myxine (Heptatrema Voigt, 1832)
Petromyzon (Heptatremus Swainson, 1839)
Heterotrema Girard, 1855
Hexabranchus Schultze, 1836 (non Ehrenberg, 1831)
Hexatrema Girard, 1855
Homea Fleming, 1822
Polistotrema Gill, 1881
Polytrema Girard, 1855 (non Rafinesque, 1819; non Ferussac, 1822; non D’Orbigny, 1850; non Risso, 1826)
Paramyxine Dean, 1904
Quadratus Wisner, 1999
Heptatretus Regan, 1912

Eptatretus is a large genus of hagfish.


There are currently 48 recognized species in this genus:


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