Equestrian statue of William III, Bristol

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Coordinates: 51°27′02″N 2°35′41″W / 51.45056°N 2.59472°W / 51.45056; -2.59472

Equestrian statue of William III
King William III statue Queen Square, Bristol.jpg
Artist John Michael Rysbrack
Year 1733
Type Bronze
Location Bristol

Equestrian statue of William III is a historic statue in the centre of Queen Square in Bristol, England. It is a grade I listed building.[1][2]

The statue of William III by John Michael Rysbrack,[3] cast in 1733 and erected in 1736 to signify Bristol's Whig support of the Crown and Parliament Recognition Act 1689.[4] The original plan was to have a statue of George II.[5]

During World War II the statue was moved to Badminton and subsequently restored and returned to the square in 1948.[5]

The bronze statue is on a Portland ashlar pedestal with a moulded plinth and cornice. It depicts the king in Roman dress.[4][6]


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