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This article is about the Atari demogroup. For the Amiga demogroup, see Equinox (Amiga demogroup).

Equinox is a French demogroup with an active period between the years 1988-2007.

Equinox was first an Atari ST demoscene crew, famous for the Pupul intro, an Atari conversion of the Amiga DOC demo. Till 1991 they made various intros then from 1991 to 1999 they released one megademo (the Vodka demo) and 2 multipart demos: Eat my Bollocks and Virtual Escape.

Since 2004, they are active on PC and known for their 64kb invitation intros. Their invitation intro for the Evoke 2004 party became one of the most popular intros of that year, being nominated for three Scene.org Awards.

Their latest production is "Frameskool", the official 64kb invitation for Breakpoint 2007 party.


Atari ST[edit]

  • Pupul intro [1] (Atari ST) 1989
  • ST Soundtracker [2] (Atari ST) 1990
  • Vodka demo [3] (Atari ST) 1991
  • Protracker STE [4] (Atari STE) 1992
  • Eat my Bollocks [5] (Atari ST) 1992
  • Virtual Escape [6] (Atari ST) 1999


  • SOTA 2004 invit [7] (PC) 2004
  • Kings of the Playground - Evoke 2004 invitro [8] (PC) 2004
  • Frameskool - Breakpoint 2007 64k invitro [9] (PC) 2007

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