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An equinox in astronomy is the event when the Sun can be observed to be directly above the equator.

Equinox may also refer to:


  • Equinox (celestial coordinates), a moment of time chosen for a moving celestial coordinate system such as Right Ascension/Declination, often confused with Epoch


  • Equinox (MLM), defunct multi-level marketing company, dissolved in 2001
  • Equinox Fitness, chain of gyms based in New York with health clubs in U.S. cities
  • Equinox Minerals Limited, a mining company operating in Canada and Australia
  • Equinox Systems Inc., manufacturer of Super Serial Technology (SST) multiport serial adapters, now Avocent
  • Hypercom, which has changed its name to Equinox Payments, LLC, a former electronic payment processing company


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  • The Equinox of the Gods (Crowley), a 1936 book detailing the events and circumstances leading up to Aleister Crowley's transcription of The Book of the Law
  • The Equinox, a periodical on occultism by the mystical order of Aleister Crowley, since 1909
  • Equinox, Canadian magazine in publication between 1982 and 2002, until it was purchased by Canadian Geographic
  • The Equinox, student newspaper of Keene State College
  • EQuinox, the official EverQuest II magazine published by MMM Publishing in conjunction with Sony Online Entertainment
  • Equinox (novel), a 1973 novel by Samuel R. Delany

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  • Vin Gerard (born 1986), first professional wrestler to perform as Equinox in Chikara
  • Jimmy Olsen (wrestler) (born 1986), second professional wrestler to perform as Equinox in Chikara
  • Equinox Marathon, an annual running marathon held in Fairbanks, Alaska