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Equipment and Tool Institute
Abbreviation ETI
Formation 1947
Type Industry Association
Purpose To advance the vehicle service industry by providing technical data and open dialogue between the manufacturers of transportation products, government regulators and the providers of tools, equipment and service information.
Headquarters Harvard, Illinois, United States
Region served
Automotive Tool Manufacturers
President (Elected Annually)
Neil Davis of Snap-On (2015)
Main organ
Board of Directors

Equipment and Tool Institute (ETI) is a US-based non-profit automotive trade association. Its 70+ member companies supply products to vehicle manufacturers and the after-market industry. ETI is managed by a small staff consisting of an executive manager, technical manager and a marketing Manager. Its member company representatives contribute to the various technical groups.

Technical focus groups[edit]

ETI has 5 technical focus groups:

  • Scan Tool Group (STG) - Involved in all aspects of scan tools and reprogramming tools
  • Underhood Technology Group (UTG) - Involved in engine, transmission and air conditioning equipment issues.
  • Collision Repair Group (CRG) - Collision Repair equipment including frame straightening, welding and painting equipment.
  • Under Car Group (UCG) - Involved in steering, alignment, brakes, suspension, wheel and tire repair equipment.
  • Shop Management and Information Software Group (SMG) - Electronic repair manuals and electronic shop management software.

TEK-NET Library[edit]

ETI's TEK-NET Library [1] is an on-line database of automotive technical data and documentation. It is publicly searchable, but only full ETI members can access content. Some vehicle manufacturers require ETI members to separately license their content directly.

The technical data covers the US auto market, and while standards and some general data may be applicable in international markets, vehicle specific data may have limited international scope.

For example, the TEK-NET Library is the industry accepted source of manufacturer and vehicle specific On-board diagnostics specification for the US market.


  • ToolTech is an annual conference organised by ETI for automotive repair industry professionals to "Learn, market, Network and enjoy themselves".
  • Summer Tech Week and Winter Tech Week are conferences focused on interaction between vehicle manufacturers and ETI members.

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