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This is a list of Equipment of the Indonesian Air Force currently in service, as well as former equipment.


F-16C during a functional check at Hill Air Force Base
T-50i Indonesian Air Force (Original colour scheme)
Airtech CN-235

Current inventory[edit]

Aircraft Origin Type Variant In service Notes
Combat Aircraft
F-16 Fighting Falcon United States Multirole F-16 A/B/C/D 33[1][note 1] 7 F-16A/B
3 F-16AM/BM (upgraded F-16A/B are called AM/BM)[3]
23 F-16C/D
Sukhoi Su-27 Russia Air superiority fighter SKM 5[4][note 2]
Sukhoi Su-30 Russia Multirole MK2 11[4][note 3]
Hawk 200 United Kingdom Light attack 209 23[4]
KAI T-50 Republic of Korea Light attack / Advanced trainer T-50i 14[4]
Embraer EMB 314 Brazil Light attack / COIN 15[4]
Maritime Patrol
Boeing 737 United States Maritime patrol / Transport 737-2X9[7] 3[4]
EADS CASA C-295 Spain
Maritime patrol CN-295 MPA 1[4][8]
CASA/IPTN CN-235 Indonesia Maritime patrol CN-235 MPA 2[4][8]
C-130 Hercules United States Aerial refueling KC-130B 1[4] Converted from C-130B[9]
Boeing 737 United States VIP / Transport 6[10] (1) 200 Adv. (1) 500 (3) 400 (1) 800[11][note 4]
CASA/IPTN CN-235 Indonesia Transport 5[4]
CASA C-212 Indonesia Transport / Medevac NC-212 9[4]
C-130 Hercules United States Transport C-130B/H
23[4] Four of which are Lockheed L-100’s [12]
EADS CASA C-295 Spain
Transport CN-295 9[4][13] Licensed built by Indonesian Aerospace
Pilatus PC-6 Porter Switzerland Agricultural PC-6/B2-H2 Turbo-Porter 1[14]
MBB Bo 105 Germany Light utility 2[4]
Eurocopter EC 725 France CSAR H225M 6[4] 10 on order[4]
Eurocopter AS332 France
Transport / Utility NAS 332 9[4] Licensed built by Indonesian Aerospace
Aérospatiale SA330 France
Transport / Utility NAS 330J 9[4] Licensed built by Indonesian Aerospace
AgustaWestland AW101 United Kingdom/ Italy Transport / Utility 1[15] 2 on order[16]
AgustaWestland AW139 Italy Search and rescue 1[4] Utilised by National Search and Rescue Agency[17]
Eurocopter EC120 France Trainer 10[4]
Trainer Aircraft
BAE Hawk United Kingdom Primary trainer / Light attack Hawk 109 7[4]
Grob G 120TP Germany Basic trainer 29[4]
KAI KT-1 Woongbi Republic of Korea Primary trainer KT-1B 13[4] 3 on order.[4] The aircraft is also used by Jupiter Aerobatic Team
SIAI-Marchetti SF.260 Italy Trainer 18[4]
Cessna 182 Skylane United States Basic trainer 182T Skylane 6[18] Used by Indonesian Air Force Academy
Cessna 172 United States Basic trainer 172S Skyhawk SP 3[19] Used by Indonesian Air Force Academy
Cessna T-41 Mescalero United States Basic trainer T-41D 15[20] Numbers of operational units may have dwindled over the years. Used by Indonesian Air Force Academy
IAe Wulung Indonesia 3 Entered service in 2018[21]
CASC Rainbow China MALE/UCAV CH-4 6[22] 6 in service according to Janes. Equipped with AR-2 missile.[23]
Aerostar Tactical UAS Israel Unknown Procurement through Philippine Kital Corp.[24]
IAI Searcher Israel Searcher 2 4 Ordered via Philippine company according to SIPRI.[25][26]
CAC Fox France AT-1 4 Delivered in 2000 according to SIPRI[25][27]


Yokosuka K5Y1 "Cureng" on display at Dirgantara Mandala Museum
An OV-10 Bronco on display at Dirgantara Mandala Museum in Yogyakarta
A MiG-21 of the Indonesian Air Force
A B-25 Mitchell on display
Aircraft Origin Type Variant In service Notes
Combat Aircraft
Nakajima Ki-27 Empire of Japan Fighter n/a At least one was known to be in service.[28]
Nakajima Ki-43 Empire of Japan Fighter Ki-43-II n/a Estimated 11 aircraft were in service between 1945-1949.[28]
Kawasaki Ki-61 Empire of Japan Fighter n/a Estimated 6 aircraft were in service in 1946.[28]
Kawanishi N1K Empire of Japan Floatplane fighter N1K1 n/a Estimated 4 aircraft were obtained.[28][29]
P-51 Mustang United States Fighter-bomber P-51D/K
Cavalier Mustang II
49[20][30] Consisted of ex ML-KNIL P-51D/K and US-supplied Cavalier Mustang II under the Peace Pony programs.
Lavochkin La-11 Soviet Union Fighter 24 Supplied by People's Republic of China[31]
MiG-17 Soviet Union Fighter MiG-17F
70[20][32] 30 units were Czechoslovak-built S-104 and 40 were Polish-built Lim-5P
MiG-19 Soviet Union Fighter MiG-19S 35[32]
MiG-21 Soviet Union Fighter MiG-21F-13 26[32]
CAC Sabre Australia Fighter Mk.32 23[33]
F-5 Tiger II United States Fighter F-5E/F Tiger II 16[20][34] 11 F-5E and 5 F-5F
A-4 Skyhawk United States Fighter A-4E 31[20]
BAE Hawk United Kingdom Light attack/Advanced Trainer Hawk 53 20[20]
Kawasaki Ki-48 Empire of Japan Light bomber n/a Nicknamed "Diponegoro II". At least an aircraft were in service between 1945-1948.[28]
Nakajima Ki-49 Empire of Japan Medium bomber n/a Nicknamed "Diponegoro I". Estimated 2 aircraft were in service between 1945-1947.[28]
Mitsubishi Ki-51 Empire of Japan Light bomber/Dive bomber n/a Nicknamed "Guntei". Estimated 8 aircraft were in service between 1945-1949.[28]
Bristol Blenheim United Kingdom Light bomber Mk IV 1 It was re-engined with Nakajima Sakae engines.[28]
B-25 Mitchell[30] United States Medium bomber C/D/J 42[20] ex Royal Netherlands East Indies Army Air Force
Tupolev Tu-2 Soviet Union Medium bomber 12 Supplied by People's Republic of China[35]
B-26 Invader United States Light bomber A-26B 6[20] Supplied by United States under the Mutual Assistance Program.
Ilyushin Il-28 Soviet Union Medium bomber 32[20] Czechoslovak-built B-228
Tupolev Tu-16 Soviet Union Strategic bomber Tu-16KS1 26[20]
Ilyushin Il-10 Soviet Union Attacker 14 Czechoslovak-built B-33. Supplied by Poland.[36]
AC-47 Spooky United States Close air support gunship 2 Armed with 3x 12.7mm AN/M3 Browning HMG. It was replaced by OV-10 Bronco and converted into transport aircraft.[37]
OV-10 Bronco United States COIN / Surveillance OV-10F 16[38]
Mitsubishi F1M Empire of Japan Reconnaissance floatplane F1M2 n/a [28][39]
Yokosuka E14Y Empire of Japan Reconnaissance floatplane n/a [40]
Taylorcraft Auster United Kingdom Liaison Mk III 22[20] ex Royal Netherlands East Indies Army Air Force
Mitsubishi Ki-57 Empire of Japan Transport n/a [28] [41]
Kawanishi H6K Empire of Japan Flying boat transport H6K2-L 1[28] [42]
Douglas C-47 United States Transport C-47A
L-12 Electra Junior United States Transport L-12A 7[28] ex Royal Netherlands East Indies Army Air Force
Noorduyn Norseman Canada Utility UC-64A 1[43] ex Royal Netherlands East Indies Army Air Force[note 5]
PBY Catalina United States SAR / Utility PBY-5A 8[30] Amphibious aircraft
Cessna 180 United States Light utility 6[20]
HU-16 Albatross United States SAR / Utility UF-1 10[20] Amphibious aircraft
G-21 Goose United States Utility 2[45] Acquired from Shell in 1957.
de Havilland Canada DHC-3 Canada Utility / Transport 5[20] STOL capable aircraft
PA-22 Tri-Pacer United States Utility PA-22-125 n/a [46][47]
Ilyushin Il-14 Soviet Union Transport 28[20] Czechoslovak-built Avia 14
Antonov An-12 Soviet Union Transport An-12B 6[20]
Cessna 185 United States Light utility 1[20]
PA-32 Cherokee United States Utility n/a [48]
Lockheed JetStar United States Transport / VIP JetStar 6 3[49] T-1645 "Pancasila", T-17845 "Irian", T-9446 "Sapta Marga"
Lockheed Super Constellation United States Transport / VIP L-1049C/H 3[50] Ex Pakistan International Airlines. Gifted to Indonesian Air Force in 1969.[note 6]
Cessna 402 United States Light utility 401A
7 Five 401A and two 402A[51]
Cessna 206 United States Light utility T207 5[32]
Cessna 188 United States Agricultural 188 AgTruck 4[52]
Short SC.7 Skyvan United Kingdom Transport Skyvan 3M-400 3[20] [53]
Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer United Kingdom Transport Twin Pioneer Series 1 12[20] Ex Royal Malaysian Air Force
Fokker F27 Netherlands Transport F27-400M 8[54][55]
Fokker F28 Netherlands Transport / VIP 1000
4[54] All of the aircraft were ex commercial airliner.[note 7] Retired completely in 2017/2018[56]
Boeing 707 United States Transport / VIP 707-3M1C 1[57][55] Ex Pelita Air
Hiller 12 United States Utility Hiller 360B 10[20]
Mil Mi-1 Soviet Union Light utility 8[20] Polish-built SM-1
Mil Mi-4 Soviet Union Utility Mi-4A 26[20]
Mil Mi-6 Soviet Union Heavy transport Mi-6T 8[20]
Sikorsky H-34 United States Transport VH-34D
16[58] A VH-34D were acquired in 1961 as VIP helicopter.[59] Seven UH-34D and three UH-34G ex VNAF were acquired in 1970s.[60][61] All but three H-34 were converted into S-58T in late 1970's. Further five S-58T were acquired in early 1980's[62]
Sikorsky SH-3 Sea King United States VIP transport S-61V-1 1[20] Presidential helicopter[63]
Bell 47 United States Utility Bell 47G-3B-1 "Soloy" 4[20]
Hughes 500 United States Utility Hughes 500C 12[64][65] Ex Pelita Air.
Bell 204 United States Utility Bell 204B 2[38]
Bell 206 United States Liaison 2[38]
Aérospatiale SA 321 Super Frelon France Transport SA 321J 1[66] Was operated by Pelita Air Service.
Trainer Aircraft
Yokosuka K5Y Empire of Japan Trainer/Light bomber K5Y1 n/a Nicknamed "Cureng". At least 20 aircraft were in service between 1945-1949.[28]
Tachikawa Ki-55 Empire of Japan Trainer n/a Nicknamed "Cukiu". At least 25 aircraft were in service between 1945-1949.[28]
Mansyu Ki-79 Manchukuo Trainer/Liaison Ki-79b n/a Nicknamed "Nishikoren". At least 9 aircraft were in service between 1945-1949.[28]
L-4 Grasshopper United States Primary trainer/Liaison L-4J 63[20] ex Royal Netherlands East Indies Army Air Force
AT-6 Harvard United States Trainer AT-16
The AT-16s were ex Royal Netherlands East Indies Army Air Force. Twenty five T-6G were bought from US in 1950.
BT-13 Valiant United States Trainer 45[20]
de Havilland Vampire United Kingdom Trainer T.55 8[20]
LIPNUR Belalang Indonesia Primary trainer NU-90 3[67] Used briefly by Indonesian Air Force Academy
Lavochkin La-9 Soviet Union Trainer La-9UTI 3 Supplied by People's Republic of China[68]
PZL TS-8 Bies Poland Trainer 2[20]
MiG-15 Soviet Union Trainer MiG-15UTI 15[20] Czechoslovak-built CS-102
T-34 Mentor United States Trainer B45
Forty Model B45 were acquired in 1962-64. Sixteen T-34C were acquired in 1978, while further nine in 1984.
MiG-21 Soviet Union Advanced trainer MiG-21U-400 2[69]
Aero L-29 Delfín Czechoslovakia Trainer 18[70]
PZL-104 Wilga Poland Trainer / Utility Wilga 32 18[36] Locally-built as Lipnur Gelatik
T-33 Shooting Star United States Trainer / Light attack[71] T-33A 12[20]
Pazmany PL-1 United States Trainer PL-2 30[20] Locally-built as Lipnur LT-200
AS 202 Bravo Switzerland Trainer AS 202/18A 40[72]
A-4 Skyhawk United States Conversion trainer TA-4H/J 4[20] 2 TA-4H and 2 TA-4J were obtained from Israel and United States respectively.[73]


Mark 82 gereral purpose bomb
AGM-65 Maverick
AGM-84L Harpoon
Name Origin Type Notes
Air-to-air missile
R-73 Russia Short-range IR guided R-73E.

80 missiles obtained. (5 from Ukraine, 75 from Russia)

R-77[74][75] Russia Active radar homing 60 RVV-AE.
R-27 Russia Beyond-visual-range missile R-27R1 and R-27ER1. From Ukraine according to SIPRI[25]
AIM-120C-7 [76] United States Beyond-visual-range missile 36 more

AIM-120 C-7 ordered in 2018.

AIM-9J/P/9X-2[77] United States Short-range IR guided Initial 175 missiles obtained.[20] P variants are P2, P4, and P5.

additional 15 AIM-9X Block-2 delivered in 2018.

MAA-1 Piranha Brazil Short-range IR guided
Air-to-surface missile
Kh-29L/T/TE Russia Passive homing TV guidance Initial 10 missiles obtained[20]
Kh-31/P Russia Anti-radiation missile Initial 10 missiles obtained[20]
Kh-59M Russia TV-guided cruise missile Initial 10 missiles obtained[20]
AGM-65B/D/G/K2[20] United States Electro-optical/Imaging infrared Also in service TGM-65G/K2
AGM-84 Harpoon[20] United States Anti-ship missile No longer in service.
General-purpose bomb and rockets
Mark 12[78] United States Unguided bomb For F-16, T-50I, Hawk 100/200
Mark 66[79] For EMB 314 Super Tucano
Mark 81[79] United States Unguided bomb For EMB 314 Super Tucano
Mark 82[80] United States Unguided bomb For F-16, T-50I, Hawk 100/200 with 109 JDAM kits received on August 2020.
P-100/P-250L[81] Indonesia Unguided bomb For Su-27/30
FFAR[79] Indonesia Rocket For F-16, T-50I, Hawk 100/200, EMB 314; produced in Indonesia
S8 Kom[79] Russia Rocket For Su-27/30
FAB-100/250/500 Russia Unguided bomb
OFAB-250[79] Russia Unguided bomb For Su-27/30
KAB-500 OD Russia Guided bomb

Air Defense[edit]

Paskhas air defense equipments
Name Origin Type In service Notes
NASAMS 2 Norway Mobile SAM system 1 Batteries[20] 2 Batteries ordered according to SIPRI
Chiron[82] South Korea MANPADS
QW-3 Vanguard China MANPADS 8 units[20]
Air Defence Artillery
Skyshield Switzerland Towed anti-aircraft gun 19[20] Mark 2

Ground Vehicles[edit]

Indonesian Military SSE P6 ATAV
Paskhas TAD Turangga
Name Origin Type In service Notes
APS-3 Anoa Indonesia Anoa Command
Anoa APC
DMV-30 Indonesia DMV-30T
Built by Indonesian Aerospace and PT.SSE[84]
SSE P6 ATAV Indonesia SSE P6 ATAV Built by PT Sentra Surya Ekajaya[84]
SSE P2 Indonesia SSE P2 Commando II [84]
TAD Turangga Indonesia TAD Turangga Built by PT Karya Tugas Anda[84]
Toyota Hilux Hilux LSV [84]
Indonesian Light Strike Vehicle Indonesia Armored version Built by J-Forces[85]

Small arms[edit]

Pindad G2 Combat
Pindad SS2-V1
An MP5 submachine gun
Name Origin Type Variant Notes
Glock[86][87] Austria Semi-auto pistol
SIG Sauer P226[88] Germany Semi-auto pistol
CZ[89] Yugoslavia Semi-auto pistol
Pindad G2[87] Indonesia Semi-auto pistol
MP5[86] Germany Submachine gun Personal defense weapon
Pindad SS1[87] Indonesia Assault rifle
Pindad SS2[90] Indonesia Assault rifle SS2-V1
Heckler & Koch G3[91] Germany Battle rifle
SAR 21[92] Singapore Assault rifle
Barett M82[93] United States Anti-materiel rifle
PGM Hécate II[94] France Anti-materiel rifle
Accuracy International[93] United Kingdom Anti-materiel rifle AW50
Accuracy International[93] United Kingdom Sniper rifle AX308
M60 machine gun[95] United States Heavy machine gun
M2 Browning[96] Indonesia Heavy machine gun SMB-2
DShK[96] Soviet Union Heavy machine gun
FN MAG[97] Indonesia General-purpose machine gun SM2
Minimi[97] Indonesia Light machine gun SM3
RPD[96] Soviet Union Light machine gun
M134 Minigun[84] United States Rotary machine gun
M203[98] Indonesia Grenade launcher SPG
81mm Mortar[97] Mortar
60mm Mortar[98] Mortar
60mm Long Range[97] Mortar
Commando Mortar[98] Mortar

See also[edit]


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