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Below follows a list of the equipment of the Royal Netherlands Army.

Armoured vehicles[edit]

Name Origin Type Number Photo Notes
Armoured combat vehicles
Leopard 2A6  Germany Main battle tank 18 Leopard 2 tank in Dutch service.jpg The Dutch army supplies about 100 troops for the German/Dutch 414th Panzer Battalion (56 tanks), which fields a Dutch tank squadron with 18 tanks.
CV9035NL  Sweden Infantry fighting vehicle 141 CV90 photo-003.JPG 44 were sold to Estonia in 2014 and 40 are in storage. 92 in active service, with 17 for training
PzH 2000  Germany Self-propelled howitzer 57 Pantserhouwitser 2000.jpg 18 are in active service, 6 are used for training and 33 more are in combat ready storage
Fennek  Netherlands/ Germany Armoured car 368 Fennek-highres.jpg 368 in active service, 40 more used for spare parts and 5 in museums or destroyed. Versions: Reconnaissance (144), General Purpose/Cargo (63) Medium Range Anti-Tank (48), Air Defence Vehicle with Stinger (18), Forward Observer (45), Mortar Carrier (39), Tactical Air Control and Target Designation (8).
Boxer  Netherlands/ Germany Armoured fighting vehicle 200 GTK Boxer side.jpg Currently being delivered in 6 versions: 36 Command, 52 Ambulance, 80 Engineering, 12 Repair, 12 cargo and 8 Driver training vehicles. The last vehicle was delivered at the 17th of June 2018. .
Bushmaster  Australia Mine-resistant ambush protected 75 Royal Netherlands Army Bushmaster APV, VAU 12kN 4X4 ADI-THALES Bushmaster NLD at Amersfoort, The Netherlands. pic2.JPG 10 have been lost in Uruzgan and Kunduz provinces during the Afghanistan deployment. 20 more were ordered and added to the fleet in 2015. 48 Bushmasters will be converted: 12 to Command vehicles, 12 to Repair vehicles, 12 to Cargo vehicles, 12 to Electronic Warfare vehicles.
Luchtmobiel Speciaal Voertuig[1]  Netherlands Multipurpose wheeled vehicle 160 Luchtmobiel Speciaal Voertuig.jpg Used by Air Mobile brigade, needs replacement.
VECTOR[2]  Netherlands Air Transportable Tactical Vehicle (ATTV) 50 Vector hufter proef test.jpg Used by Korps Commandotroepen (Dutch Special Forces).
Fuchs 1  Germany Armoured personnel carrier 20 Fuchs 1 KL.jpg 20 NBC Reconnaissance and EOV (Electronic warfare).the EOV version will be replaced by the bushmaster and the NBC by an unknown vehicle.
Büffel  Germany Armoured recovery vehicle 18 Allied Spirit I, Day Seven, Jan. 19, 2015 150119-A-WS244-291.jpg
Bergepanzer 2  Germany Armoured recovery vehicle 20 Leopard 1 ARV photo-010.JPG Of the original 22, 2 were sold to Estonia in 2014
Leguan bridge layer  Germany Armoured vehicle-launched bridge 4 Leguan bridge layer.jpg replaced with 14 Biber Armoured vehicle-launched bridge layers, until 10 new PSB2 bridge layers are taken into service
Pionierpanzer 3  Germany Armoured engineering vehicle 10 Kodiak breaktrough tank.jpg replaced 14 Pionierpanzer 1 tanks

Non Armoured Vehicles[edit]

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles[edit]

Unmanned aerial vehicles:

Air defense systems[edit]

Name Origin Type Number Photo Notes
Anti Air Units
FIM-92 Stinger  United States Man-portable surface-to-air missile 500 FIM-92 Stinger USMC.JPG Operated across various army units
Fennek  Germany/ Netherlands FIM-92 Stinger weapon platform 18 Fennek.jpg Operated by 13th Air Defence Battery
NASAMS II  Norway Surface-to-air missile system 2 batteries (2x3 launchers) Nasams lchr truck.jpg Operated by 13th Air Defence Battery [3]
MIM-104 Patriot  United States Long range surface-to-air missile 3+1 batteries (4x6 launchers) Patriot System 2.jpg Patriot PAC-2 and PAC-3 missiles, operated by 802 Squadron. 3 Batteries in operational readiness, equipment available for a fourth battery. [4]

Infantry weapons and small arms[edit]

Model Image Origin Type Caliber Details
Glock 17 Glock 17 MOD 45154998.jpg  Austria Handgun 9×19mm Parabellum The Glock 17 is the standard service pistol for regular troops.
Colt Canada C8NLD Swift Response 16 160615-A-BS310-102.jpg  Canada Carbine 5.56×45mm NATO Service carbine. Modernized version the C8 variant.
Heckler & Koch HK416 HK416.jpg  Germany Carbine 5.56×45mm NATO Used by Special Forces.
Colt Canada C7NLD Allied Spirit I 150118-A-WG858-010.jpg  Canada Assault rifle 5.56×45mm NATO Service rifle. Modernized version the C7 variant.
Heckler & Koch HK417 Heckler&Koch HK MR308 linke Seite.jpg  Germany Battle rifle/ Designated marksman rifle 7.62×51mm NATO Scaled up version of the HK416 carbine firing a more powerful cartridge. Usually with a scope.
Machine guns
FN Minimi FN MINIMI Standard Right.jpg  Belgium Light machine gun 5.56×45mm NATO
FN MAG FN MAG.jpg  Belgium General-purpose machine gun 7.62×51mm NATO Standard general-purpose machine gun.
M2HB-QCB Machine gun M2 1.jpg  United States Heavy machine gun 12.7×99mm NATO Standard heavy machine gun.
Sniper rifles
Accuracy International AWM L115A3 sniper rifle.jpg  United Kingdom Sniper Rifle .338 Lapua Magnum
Barrett M82A1 M82A1 barrett.jpeg  United States Anti-material rifle 12.7×99mm NATO
Mossberg M590A1 PEO Mossberg 590A1.jpg  United States Shotgun 12 gauge
Grenades & Grenade launchers
NR 20 C-1  Netherlands Hand grenade Developed by Eurometaal specifically for the Dutch Army in the 1990s.
Heckler & Koch UGL Allied Spirit I 150120-A-WG858-017.jpg  Germany Grenade launcher 40×46mm Mounted under C7 rifles and C8 carbines.
Heckler & Koch AGW HK GMW.jpg  Germany Automatic grenade launcher 40×53mm
Anti-tank weapons
M72A3 LAW 66 kertasinko 75.JPG  United States Anti-tank rocket launcher 66mm Today only used by the Korps Commandotroepen (KCT) Special Forces due to the low weight and compact handling of the weapon.

Used to great effect against improvised armored vehicles and fighting positions during the Dutch presence in Afghanistan (ISAF).

Panzerfaust 3 Panzerfaust3.jpg  Germany Rocket Propelled Grenade 60mm Equipped with ''Dynarange'' system, allows targets to be engaged during all weather conditions, speed and day/night conditions at

a maximum range of 900 meters. Can also be used to target hovering helicopters.

EUROSPIKE SPIKE ATGM.jpg  Israel/ Germany Anti-tank Missile 152mm Called the ''Gill'' in Dutch Service. A total 2,400 Spike-MR missiles and 297 launchers were ordered and are also equipped on Fennek and LSV-vehicles.
m6 C-640  Austria Mortar 60mm Produced by HirtenBerger.
L16A2 81mmMORT L16.png  United Kingdom/ Canada Mortar 81mm Total of 128. To be replaced by 122 new 81mm mortars.
MO-120-HB Mor120.jpg  France Mortar 120mm Produced by the Hotchkiss-Brandt (HB) for the Dutch Army.


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