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Equity for Africa (EFA) is an industrial and provident society based in London. It seeks to alleviate poverty in a self-sustaining way by creating jobs through investing in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Africa, providing capital which would otherwise not available. In order to do this successfully, EFA also builds the infrastructure to deploy the capital and monitor the investments made. EFA also aims to create relationships between people and organisations in high income countries (the providers of capital) and Africa (the users of capital) by providing excellent reporting to investors about the SMEs in which their capital is at work and, where value can be added, direct relationships between investors and investee companies.

It was founded by Jeremy Lefroy, currently Conservative MP for Stafford (UK Parliament constituency), Michiel Timmerman, Michael Schluter and Paul Doye. Its website is www.equityforafrica.org. [1].