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This is a list of characters in the Inheritance Cycle, a fantasy series by Christopher Paolini. Many of the names Paolini has used originate from Old Norse, German, Old English and Russian sources as well as the invented languages.[1]

Major characters[edit]


Eragon is the protagonist of the Inheritance Cycle. He is also known as Eragon Shadeslayer, Argetlam, Shur'tugal, Firesword and Kingkiller. Eragon's character originally began as an autobiographical character of Christopher Paolini.[2] Eragon is the son of Selena and Brom, although Eragon's relationship to Brom is not revealed until Brisingr, the third novel, until which time he is thought to be the son of Morzan. Eragon is the cousin of Roran Garrowsson. He was raised as a farm-boy for fifteen years under the care of his uncle Garrow. Then, a few months before his sixteenth birthday, the last female dragon in Alagaësia, Saphira, hatched for him. His uncle was killed by the Ra'zac, and he leaves Carvahall to seek revenge with Brom, the storyteller with a secret life. He later finds out that Brom was a dragon rider, but Brom is mortally wounded by the Ra'zac and his death greatly affects Eragon. Eragon is rescued by Murtagh and they journey to Gil'ead to find the Varden, where they rescue Arya, and then flee to the Varden at Farthen Dûr. Eragon also finds out that he is the last hope for Alagaësia to rid the great land of the evil of Galbatorix. When the battle of Farthen Dûr is over, Ajihad was murdered by the Urgals and Murtagh is captured. Eragon then journeys to Ellesméra, the capital of the elves where he finds the only living dragon and Rider from the fall, Oromis and Glaedr. They teach Eragon the ways of the Riders of Old. Eragon later becomes half elf after a transformation caused by the dragons. Eragon then travels to the Burning Plains to defend the Varden when they confront Galbatorix's army. Eragon then finds out that Murtagh is now a Dragon Rider, his dragon being the red dragon Thorn, and they have become enslaved by Galbatorix. After a brutal combat, Murtagh defeats Eragon but lets him go after telling Eragon they share the same parents - Morzan of the Forsworn and Selena. Murtagh takes Zar'roc from him, claiming it as his rightful inheritance as the eldest son.

In Brisingr, Roran and Eragon storm Helgrind and defeat the Ra'zac. Eragon is then sent to Tronjheim by Nasuada where he witnesses the ascension of Orik as the dwarves' King which only occurred after many grim events, including an attack on Eragon and banishment of the dwarf clan whose leader was responsible. Eragon then travels on to Ellesméra to speak again with Oromis and Glaedr and learns the truth about his parentage, that he was the son of Brom. From Glaedr he learns about the Eldunarí, the souls of dragons that are the secret of the tremendous magical strength of Galbatorix. Glaedr gives his own Eldunari to Eragon in case he and Oromis are killed during the war. Eragon then takes the meteoric ore Brightsteel from the roots of the Menoa tree, which he then uses to forge a Rider's sword with the help of Rhunön. He names the sword Brisingr and discovers that whenever he says the name of his sword, it catches fire. Then he and Saphira help take the coastal city of Feinster, after helping Arya defeat Varaug, a Shade who was even stronger than Durza.

In Inheritance, Eragon and Saphira lead the Varden in several battles. Eragon continues to learn from Glaedr and infiltrates Dras-Leona via the catacombs. Although he and Arya are captured, Angela rescues them. Later Nasuada is captured by Murtagh and taken to Uru'baen, and Eragon is named as her successor as leader of the Varden. He and Saphira travel to Vroengard and locate the Vault of Souls, which contains a store of Eldunari and dragon eggs placed there during Galbatorix's rise to power for safekeeping. During the battle of Uru'baen, Eragon defeats King Galbatorix with the help of Arya, Elva, Glaedr, and the Eldunarí. After the war he assists Nasuada in setting up the new kingdom and keeping peace. He also remakes the spell that creates Dragon Riders so that dwarves and Urgals can also become Riders, but eventually leaves Alagaesia to find a suitable place to keep the Eldunari and eggs safe and train the new generation of Riders.

Eragon was portrayed by Edward Speleers in the film adaptation of Eragon.


Saphira Bjartskular (meaning "Brightscales" in the Ancient Language) is a female blue dragon who hatches from an egg stolen from Galbatorix by Brom and Jeod. She is mentioned in the novels to be the last female dragon in all of Alagaësia. In Eragon, her egg was ferried between the Elves and the Varden by the elf, Arya, in an attempt find the person destined to be her Rider. When Durza the Shade tries to steal the egg, Arya teleports it to the Spine, a range of mountains, where Eragon finds it. Soon afterwards, Saphira hatches and grows rapidly under Eragon's care. After the death of Eragon's Uncle Garrow at the hands of the Ra'zac, Saphira accompanies Brom and Eragon in their travels in search of the Ra'zac. During these travels Eragon learns to ride her and their bond becomes stronger. Saphira also assists Eragon in rescuing Arya from Durza and in the Battle of Farthen Dûr, and Eragon rides Saphira when they fight the Urgals (under the control of Durza) with the Varden. While Eragon fights Durza, Saphira breathes fire for the first time, and Eragon slays Durza.

In Eldest, Saphira and Eragon travel to Du Weldenvarden to continue their training. Here, as a dragon, Saphira is regarded as the highest-ranking citizen of Elf culture. Saphira is taught more about flying and fighting by the dragon Glaedr and develops romantic feelings for him, although he does not return them. Their training is interrupted when Eragon and Saphira fly to the aid of the Varden and fight in the Battle of the Burning Plains. During the battle, Eragon and Saphira are defeated by a new Rider and Dragon, Murtagh and Thorn, respectively. Murtagh spares Eragon and Saphira's lives on account of their former friendship and family ties, and then departs with Thorn.

In Brisingr, Saphira, Eragon, and Roran go to Helgrind to rescue Katrina and kill the Ra'zac and Lethrblaka. Eragon finds Sloan and decides to stay in the Empire to punish Sloan for his part in betraying Carvahall. Saphira is forced to separate from him when Eragon asks her to fly Roran and Katrina back to safety. Later in the book, they are again separated as Saphira stays with the Varden to protect them, while Eragon travels to the dwarves to act as the Varden's ambassador and do what he can to ensure a dwarf king will be chosen who will continue to support the Varden in their war. During the coronation, Saphira repairs the Star Sapphire, Isidar Mithrim. For that, the dwarves carve her name onto the sapphire along with the creator's name in her honour. Saphira and Eragon then travel to Du Weldenvarden, where Eragon is told by Oromis and Glaedr that he's not Morzan's son, but Brom's. Saphira then shares a memory Brom asked her to show to Eragon when he found out the truth, a memory of Brom speaking to Eragon as a son, advising him and stating how proud he is to have Eragon as a son.

Saphira and Eragon then complete their training with Oromis and Glaedr. Glaedr tells Eragon and Saphira of the Eldunari, which a dragon's consciousness can live on in after their body dies. When Eragon asks why she didn't mention this to her, Saphira states Glaedr told her to keep her Eldunari safe and not speak of it until they were ready for the knowledge. Glaedr gives Saphira and Eragon his Eldunari to keep safe. Saphira and Eragon then join the Varden's siege of Feinster, aiding the Varden in their victory.

In Inheritance, Saphira is hit by a Dauthdaert during the battle of Belatona, and is wounded. Blödgharm and his elves heal her. She continues to fight alongside Eragon as the Varden move close to the capital. At Dras-Leona she helps to draw Glaedr out of his grief at Oromis's death and persuades him to begin training Eragon again. Later Saphira and Eragon drive off Murtagh and Thorn and capture the city. After Nasuada's capture, Saphira flies Eragon and Glaedr to Vroengard to locate the Vault of Souls, and both Saphira and Eragon discover their true names. Inside the vault, they discover a store of Eldunari, as well as hundreds of unhatched eggs, and fly back to the Varden. At the battle of Uru'baen, Saphira and Eragon break into Galbatorix's citadel and when Galbatorix tries to force Eragon to swear loyalty, she and Thorn attack Shruikan and pin his head, allowing Arya to kill Shruikan with the Dauthdaert. After the war she and Eragon continue to help the Varden, but eventually leave Alagaesia with the Eldunari and the dragon eggs to find somewhere safe to train the new generation of riders. Before she leaves, she expresses romantic feelings for Fírnen, eventually mating with him.

As Eragon's dragon, Saphira has a deep emotional bond with him, similar to a two-way parent and child relationship. As a result, she supports him in almost everything he does. Her main goal is to keep Eragon safe, even stating herself that should Eragon be captured, she would go so far as to give herself up to Galbatorix, dooming Alagaësia, just to save Eragon. But despite her sage and clever mind, Saphira still is a relatively young dragon, and can have moments of immaturity, such as when she hypocritically told Eragon to give up on his romantic feelings for Arya due to their age difference, while she herself was romantically attracted to Glaedr and attacked him when he spurned her advances. She also once attacked the Menoa Tree when the spirit inside refused to talk with them.

While the story centers its third-person perspective on Eragon most of the time, Roran and Saphira both act as the reader's area of perspective in the second and third books. During the chapters in which Saphira acts as the reader's outlet, they are treated to her unique thoughts. Saphira (and Glaedr at times) is noted to retain unusual mental titles for certain things. These titles are typically a mash up of adjectives and descriptive nouns. Humans are referred to as "two-legged-round-ears", Riders, "partner-of-her-mind-and-heart" and dragons, "sons/daughters-of-the-wind". Saphira's namesake is Brom's dragon before she was slain during a fight with the Forsworn.

Saphira's name is a play on the word "Sapphire".

Saphira was voiced by Rachel Weisz in the film.


Arya Dröttningu is a female elf in the Inheritance Cycle and the only love-interest of Eragon. She is the daughter of King Evandar and Queen Islanzadí and is the queen of the elves after the death of her mother at the hand of Lord Barst at the Battle of Uru'baen. She is shown throughout the series to be both beautiful and wise as well as possessing inhuman speed, strength, grace, and superior fighting and magical skills in keeping with the rest of her kind. She is described as having long black hair, slanted cat-like green eyes, and pointed ears like all elves.She often dresses in simple black leather leggings, boots and shirt.

Before the series begins, Arya is banned from Queen Islanzadí's presence when she chooses to become the elven ambassador and have the 'yawё' mark put on her shoulder (a symbol of trust). Queen Islanzadí banned her due to her safety as it was unsuitable for a princess to carry the duty although Islanzadí felt compelled to agree with Arya's choice because two male elves, Faölin and Glenwing had decided to accompany her during her tenure as ambassador and egg courier. She is also been appointed as a courier of the dragon egg that Brom and Jeod had managed to recover from Galbatorix so she shipped it between the Varden and elves.

At the beginning of Eragon, Durza the Shade manages to capture Arya and kill Faölin and Glenwing but fails to lay hands on the egg when Arya teleports it to The Spine, where it was found by Eragon. Arya is then imprisoned in Gil'ead. In order to prevent her escape, she was administered magic-suppressing drugs and a dose of a lethal poison continuously to extract her knowledge about Saphira's egg, Varden whereabouts and the elves. During her imprisonment, she was brutally beaten and tortured by Durza and would be given an antidote daily to a poison she was repeatedly given. During her sleep, the Eldunarí on Vroengard sent Eragon a dream that compelled him to help Arya escape from Gil'ead.

When Eragon is imprisoned in the same jail, he rescued her along with Murtagh though Arya remains in a self-induced coma to slow the effects of the poison. Mentally communicating with Eragon, she informs him that the Varden has the antidote to Durza's poison. Arya informs Eragon where to find the Varden. Arya is therefore brought to Farthen Dûr by Eragon and heals sufficiently to fight when Farthen Dûr comes under attack from Galbatorix's forces. During the battle, Arya and Saphira help Eragon kill Durza; distracting the Shade by breaking the huge star sapphire, Isidar Mithrim, though this earns her the animosity of the dwarves.

In Eldest, Arya accompanies Eragon to Ellesméra, where she is reconciled with her mother, at least in some ways. During their time in Ellesméra, Eragon expresses his love for Arya but she rejects him, partly because she is over 100 years old, but also (as told in Brisingr) because she still had romantic feelings for Faölin, who is dead. It is also speculated in the novels that she is hesitant to a relationship with Eragon because it could become a weakness and distraction from Eragon's most important task - defeating Galbatorix. She does believe Eragon to be her friend and says she feels only a good friendship between Eragon and herself. After the Agaeti Blödhren ("Blood-Oath Celebration" in the Ancient Language), Arya returns to the Varden in Surda and fights in the Battle of the Burning Plains against Galbatorix and his followers.

In Brisingr, after Eragon's raid on Helgrind, Arya ignores Nasuada and leaves the Varden to join and accompany him back. During their journey back to the Varden, Arya's relationship with Eragon becomes more friendly as she speaks more openly about her past life and feelings toward him. Arya also joins Eragon in the Siege of Feinster, and with Eragon's help, kills Varaug, the Shade created by the city's magicians. They hug each other briefly for comfort after learning of Oromis and Glaedr's deaths.

In Inheritance, Arya becomes queen of the elves after Queen Islanzadí dies. She also becomes the Rider of a green dragon named Fírnen. In the last chapters she tells Eragon her true name. By the end of the book, it is clear that she has strong feelings for Eragon.

Arya was portrayed by Sienna Guillory in the film.


Brom is a former Dragon rider in the Inheritance Cycle and Eragon's first mentor. In addition, Brom is later (in Brisingr) revealed to be Eragon's father. He is known for his formidable battle skills and his intelligence. Brom was also the founder of the Varden.

Brom was born in Kuasta. During his years as a young Dragon Rider, Brom idolized Morzan until Morzan betrayed the Dragon Riders and became leader of the Forsworn. During a battle at Vroengard, Brom's dragon, Saphira (not to be confused with Eragon's dragon), was killed. Brom, driven almost mad with pain and loss, personally kills Morzan and two of the Forsworn and orchestrates the deaths of five others. In an effort to overthrow Galbatorix, Brom founds the resistance group called the Varden and helps steal one of the three remaining dragon eggs from Galbatorix. As Eragon grows up in Carvahall, Brom watches over him in the guise of the village storyteller.

When Eragon's uncle Garrow is killed, Brom joins Eragon on his quest for vengeance, training him in swordsmanship and magic. He gives Eragon his sword, Zar'roc, which he took from Morzan, and which later (in Eldest) falls into the hands of Murtagh, son of Morzan.

Brom is mortally wounded by the Ra'zac and, just before he dies, tells Eragon seven words in the ancient language, but tells Eragon to "use them only in great need." The text and meaning of these words retains a strong interest and allegiance to his memory.

It is confirmed in Brisingr, the third book of the Inheritance cycle, that Brom was Eragon's father when Eragon learns about his background from Oromis and Glaedr (Eragon believed himself to be Morzan's son).

Brom was played by Jeremy Irons in the film adaption of Eragon.


Galbatorix is the main antagonist in the Inheritance Cycle. He is the traitor that brought about the destruction of the Riders before the series began. When his first dragon, Jarnunvösk, is killed by Urgals, and he is not allowed another one, the enraged Galbatorix turns against the Riders. He recruits Morzan, first of the thirteen Forsworn, to his cause, and with his help steals a dragon hatchling and uses dark magic to bring the dragon, Shruikan, under his control. He recruits more members of the Forsworn as he sets out to destroy the Riders, and derives his growing magical strength from the captured souls of dead dragons, the Eldunarí. Galbatorix and the Forsworn destroy the old order of Riders, including their leader Vrael, and Galbatorix anoints himself King of Alagaesia, enslaving hundreds of Eldunari and using their vast magical reserves to stay in power. The destruction of the Riders spreads war, madness, and chaos throughout Alagaësia. A hundred years later, almost all human lands are under Galbatorix's control, and he seeks to destroy or subjugate the other races (elf, dwarf and Urgal). It has been said that three elves, one a dragon rider and two spell-casters, have discovered his true name, but he put a spell around his name that kills anyone who uses it, so he cannot be magically controlled using his true name.

Galbatorix rarely leaves his citadel in Urû'baen, his capital city and the center of his Empire (which starts at the coast and ends at the Hadarac Desert) which he conquered when he deposed King Angrenost of the Broddring Kingdom. Because of this, he did not appear in Eragon and Eldest, despite being mentioned frequently by the other characters. In Brisingr, Galbatorix is surprised to find Oromis and Glaedr still alive. His voice is heard near the end, when Eragon has a vision of Oromis and Glaedr fighting Murtagh and Thorn, and Galbatorix takes possession of Murtagh's body in order to kill Oromis and Glaedr. In Inheritance Galbatorix is first seen when he has Nasuada captured and brought to him by Murtagh, who had previously stated he can be charming and persuasive in certain conditions, and violent and intimidating in others. He at first tries to persuade Nasuada to join him, outlining plans for controlling all magicians in the Empire. Although he pretends his intentions are benevolent (and Nasuada herself wishes to enforce restrictions on magicians so they cannot use their powers for personal gain at another's expense), it is clear he is more interested in holding on to the throne. When Nasuada argues against the cruelty he has inflicted on the land in his hundred years of power, he tortures her to try and break her spirit. In the climax of Inheritance, Galbatorix reveals he has discovered the true name of the ancient language, giving him total control over all spells cast using the language. He threatens to kill two children that he is holding as hostages if Eragon attacks him, then forces Eragon and Murtagh to duel each other. After Eragon emerges victorious, Murtagh turns on Galbatorix, having broken his magical enslavement by changing his own true name due to falling in love with Nasuada. Murtagh uses the name of the Ancient Language to overpower the king and remove his wards, but Galbatorix regains control, disables Murtagh and turns his attacks toward Eragon, intending to break his mind using mental powers and force him to submit. Eragon, with the help of the Eldunarí, casts an empathy spell on the King, forcing Galbatorix to experience first hand every feeling that his existence has caused in people. A hundred years' worth of pain and cruelty is inflicted on Galbatorix at once, driving the king mad. Arya uses the distraction to kill Shruikan with the Dauthdaert. The king thrusts his sword at Eragon, who overpowers him and stabs him in the stomach. Unable to bear the pain, Galbatorix begs Eragon to make it stop, and then employs an unmaking spell upon himself, converting his flesh to energy and causing the citadel to be destroyed in an explosion that destroys most of Urû'baen. Thus, after a century of uncertainty, the reign of the dark king had finally come to an end.

Galbatorix's name means "The Big King" in Gallican language.

Galbatorix was played by John Malkovich in the film adaptation of Eragon.


Nasuada is the daughter of Ajihad and Nadara. In Eragon, Murtagh says "I've seen earls and counts who had wives, compared to her, were more fitted for life as a hog than of nobility," to describe Nasuada. Eragon has a sense of foreboding, remembering the prophecy of his epic romance with one of noble birth. Upon her father's death at the beginning of Eldest, Nasuada becomes leader of the Varden. Due to limitation of resources in the Varden's stronghold in Farthen Dûr, she leads the Varden to Surda, a rebel country to the south of Alagaësia, separate from the empire, that holds a secret allegiance to the Varden. Nasuada convinces King Orrin to become open in their allegiance. She persuades Trianna the sorceress to devise a means of creating lace by magic, which could be sold to raise funds for the Varden, as lace is very expensive, rare, and valued in these books.

In Eldest, Nasuada commands Surda and the Varden's forces at the Battle of the Burning Plains. At that battle, she also declares Eragon her successor as leader to the Varden in case of her death. She was saved by Elva, the child that Eragon accidentally cursed, from death, since one of Galbatorix's Black Hand tried to assassinate her with an arrow. In Brisingr, Nasuada leads the Varden to capture the city of Feinster from the Empire. She informs Eragon that the Varden plan to march to Belatona, then to Dras-Leona, and finally to Urû'baen, where they plan to kill Galbatorix (though they don't know how they will do this). She also reveals how much she cares for the Varden by taking part in a ritual against Fadawar leader of one of the "Wandering Tribes" called "The Trial of the Long Knives", wherein a contestant cuts his or her own arms until one of the two surrenders, which she wins, cutting herself nine times (six on one arm and three on the other.) more than any other contestant in the trial of the Long Knives has endured before.

In Inheritance, she is captured by Murtagh and taken to Urû'baen where she is tortured by Galbatorix into swearing loyalty to him but she once again demonstrates her strong will by resisting him. It is largely due to the help of Murtagh who becomes a companion of sorts to her when she is imprisoned and helps her to withstand some of the pains that she endures. Over the course of their interactions, the two fall in love and this is enough for Murtagh to change his true name and escape Galbatorix's bonds.

After Galbatorix's death, she becomes High Queen of the humans and ruler of the Empire.

Nasuada was played by Caroline Chikezie in the film version of Eragon.


Roran, known by the surnames Garrowsson and Stronghammer, is Garrow's son and Eragon's cousin, and also Murtagh's cousin (Nasuada remarks that most of her time she is busy with things concerning their family whether it's Roran, Eragon or Murtagh). Roran grew up in Carvahall with Eragon. He is married to Katrina by the end of Brisingr. Early in Eragon, he leaves Carvahall to work as a miller's assistant in the neighboring town of Therinsford.

Roran plays a more prominent part in Eldest, when the Ra'zac return to Carvahall, intending to take Roran captive and destroy the village. He and his allies are able to kill half of the Ra'zac's human soldiers and build modest fortifications around the village before the Ra'zac capture Katrina through her father Sloan's betrayal of them. Roran then leads the people of Carvahall to Surda. Roran and Eragon meet once more after the Battle of the Burning Plains.

In Brisingr, Roran, Eragon, and Saphira rescue Katrina. Shortly after, Katrina finds that she is pregnant by Roran, and they are married. Roran later joins a company of the Varden's soldiers. At first, he is refused command because he is untested when fighting beside strangers. Roran ends up defying his commander's plan, saving most of his unit and killing 193 men by himself. For his defiance, he is whipped fifty times for insubordination, although it is recognized that he made the correct decision. He develops a friendship with the magician who rides with his company in all three of Roran's missions, a man by the name of Carn. Though said to be weak as a spell caster, Carn is capable of devising very clever spells.

Later, Nasuada gives Roran his own command of 80 men and 80 Urgals, whose respect he earns by defeating an Urgal, named Yarbog, in unarmed combat. She also reveals that, perhaps as a consequence of Roran's most recent mission, the commander of said mission, a man by the name of Edric, has been stripped of his rank as a captain. Also, near the end of the book he was charging into the battle with Yarbog and later Eragon tells him that Brom is his father, not Morzan, as he originally thought.

In Inheritance, Roran fights with the Varden until they defeat the Empire. He commands the attack on Aroughs that ends in the Varden capturing the city, and during the battle at Uru'baen kills Lord Barst, commander of Galbatorix's troops. Afterwards, Nasuada gives Roran the title of earl and gives him Palancar Valley. Katrina gives birth to a girl, who they name "Ismira" after Katrina's mother.

Roran was played by Chris Egan in the film Eragon.


Murtagh is the secondary antagonist of the series. He is the son of Morzan and Selena, and half-brother of Eragon. In Eldest, Murtagh is kidnapped by the Twins who secretly serve Galbatorix. He is taken to Urû'baen where he is tortured for a time before the red dragon Thorn hatches for him. He tells Nasuada in Inheritance that Thorn was "his downfall", as he could not withstand Galbatorix's attack on his dragon. Galbatorix manages to learn Murtagh and Thorn's true names, and forces them to swear fealty to him.

At the age of three, Murtagh's father Morzan hurled his sword "Zar'roc" at Murtagh during one of his drunken rages, leaving a large scar on Murtagh's back. Murtagh was brought up in a Morzan's castle, and his birth was kept secret to everyone apart from Galbatorix. At his eighteenth birthday, Murtagh is summoned by Galbatorix to serve him in a bid to create a magnificent Alagaësia of great artists, warriors and philosophers. Galbatorix talked Murtagh into pledging his allegiance. Yet when Galbatorix sends Murtagh to slay several people around an area captured by the Varden, Murtagh manages to escape from Urû'baen along with his faithful servant "Tornac" who died while trying to escape with Murtagh. He doesn't follow Galbatorix's orders, as Galbatorix asks Murtagh to kill everyone in that area and Murtagh suspects that all may not be traitors. On the run from the empire, Murtagh rescues Eragon, Saphira and Brom from the clutches of the Ra'zac.

After Brom's death, Murtagh accompanies them in their bid to locate the Varden, though he states that he himself wouldn't go. On their way he again rescues Eragon with the help of Saphira from Gil'ead after Eragon is captured in as prisoner. After crossing the Hadarac desert and traveling along the Beor mountains, he is forced to go to the Varden, as a Kull army is on the trail of Eragon and the rest of the company (which now includes the elf Arya, whom Eragon rescued from Gil'ead). There he refuses to let anyone examine his mind and thus for sometime he is kept under lock and key. Later Murtagh is allowed to fight in the battle of Farthen Dûr when Ajihad grants his consent. The twins kidnapping of him leads to him becoming a Rider and slaying Hrothgar, king of the dwarves. He and Thorn defeat Eragon and Saphira on the battle of Burning Plains, though Murtagh lets them go due to their past friendship and their blood ties. He takes away Zar'roc, Morzan's red sword. In Brisingr, Eragon and Saphira manage to best Murtagh and Thorn with the help of elven spell casters. Eragon also informs Murtagh that he and Thorn can break free of Galbatorix's bonds by changing their true names which gives him hope. In the near end of Brisingr, Galbatorix takes over Murtagh's body, slaying the elven rider Oromis and the dragon Glaedr. In Inheritance, Murtagh and Thorn are defeated by Eragon when the Varden captures Dras Leona though later Murtagh and Thorn return and capture Nasuada. When Eragon and the rest of his company seek to slay Galbatorix in his throne room, they are initially over powered. Murtagh is made to spar with Eragon in Galbatorix's throne room for the king's entertainment. There Eragon defeats him by stabbing him through the belly. It is Murtagh who strips Galbatorix of his wards by saying the name of the ancient language, thereby making him vulnerable to Eragon's attacks. An enraged Galbatorix renders him unconscious. Later, after Eragon slays Galbatorix, Murtagh and Thorn move towards the North attempting to recover from the torture Galbatorix bestowed on them. Murtagh leaves the Eldunarí he had in his possession with Eragon. The two part as brothers.

Murtagh befriends Nasuada during her imprisonment by Galbatorix, revealing that he still has some loyalty to the Varden. Though Galbatorix forces Murtagh to torture Nasuada when she is uncooperative, Murtagh repeatedly returns to heal her at great personal risk. He also warns her of Galbatorix's mental attacks, and formed a plan to help her escape which was interrupted by Eragon and Saphira's arrival at Urû'baen. His departure to the North causes Nasuada great pain, and he implores Eragon to look after her.

Murtagh was played by Garrett Hedlund in the film.


Thorn is the red male dragon bound to Murtagh.

When Murtagh is captured by the Empire, at the beginning of Eldest, one of the two remaining dragon eggs hatches for him. It is unclear who names the dragon, Galbatorix or Murtagh, but he is named Thorn. Immediately following that, Galbatorix makes Thorn and Murtagh his slaves through the use of their true names. Although he is much younger than Saphira, Thorn is able to effectively fight her, due to accelerated bodily growth through Galbatorix's magic, and the extra energy that the Eldunarí give him. Although Galbatorix has complete control over Thorn and Murtagh he is not able to control their every action through his commands (i.e. when Murthagh and Thorn defeat Eragon and Saphira but do not capture them as Galbatorix would have wanted). During the Battle of Gil'ead in Brisingr, Galbatorix takes control of Murtagh and Thorn and uses them to kill Oromis and Glaedr. Three feet of Thorn's tail was bitten off by Glaedr in the fight, and it is not known if the damage was repaired with magic after the battle.

In Inheritance, Thorn and Murtagh watch over Dras Leona, awaiting the Varden's siege. Later on, Thorn helps Saphira defeat Galbatorix's dragon, Shruikan. Murtagh and Thorn head for the north afterwards.


Orik is a dwarf, a member of the clan Dûrgrimst Ingeitum, and the adopted heir and nephew of King Hrothgar (his parents "died of the pox" when he was "young"). He is a smith, a warrior, and a guide to Eragon and Saphira. Orik is first encountered when Eragon, Murtagh, Saphira, and the gravely injured Arya come to Farthen Dûr, seeking the aid of the Varden. Orik later persuades the Twins to allow Murtagh to stay with the Varden. Throughout the first book, he develops a friendship with Eragon that continues into the next books. After Hrothgar dies, in Brisingr, he becomes the new king of the dwarves. He loves alcohol and a good fight, just like all dwarves, and is a loyal friend to Eragon. He even goes with Eragon to his initial journey to the elven capital, Ellesmera. In Brisingr, Orik is elected king of the dwarves. He is also stated that in his youth he was sent to chisel out the petrified trees in the Beor Mountains by Hrothgar as punishment, only to leave and be convinced by a group of dwarves to kill a Nagra (a giant mountain boar). When attacking the Nagra, he suffered a severe wound, though he succeeded in killing the Nagra and sent it to Hrothgar as a gift. He was supreme commander of the dwarves during the latter stages of the Rider War.

Characters associated with the Varden[edit]


Ajihad is the leader of the Varden and Nasuada's father. He is in power for around fifteen years, leading the Varden to victory in many battles. He lives in Tronjheim in the Beor Mountains, depending on the dwarves who assist them in their fight against Galbatorix. Shortly after the Battle of Farthen Dûr, at the beginning of Eldest, he is killed by Urgals. He is betrayed by his personal guards, the Twins, who recruited the Urgals to slay him. Around his body lay five Urgals slain by him. He is buried in a stone tomb under Farthen Dûr. His daughter, Nasuada, succeeds him as leader of the Varden. It is revealed in Inheritance that he was once a servant in the house of one of the nobles of Urû'baen.

Ajihad was played by Djimon Hounsou in the film version of Eragon.

King Orrin[edit]

Orrin is the King of Surda. He is an enthusiastic, if unsystematic scientist whose interest is mostly in the conduction of curious experiments. Nasuada has often considered asking him to marry her for political reasons, but has never been able to work up the courage (because she doesn't have any romantic feelings toward him). In Eragon, he secretly supports the Varden, and he allows them to move to his country in Eldest when the resources of Farthen Dûr become scarce. In the Battle of the Burning Plains, the Varden and Surda become openly allied against Galbatorix and the Surdan cavalry are a crucial part of the Varden's victory. In Brisingr, Surda continues to be allied with the Varden as they push deeper into the Empire. In Inheritance, Orrin argues with Nasuada, telling her she must break the Varden's alliance with the Urgals, because people of the Empire hate Urgals as monsters and see the Varden's alliance with the Urgals as proof they are dangerous traitors to the king. Later his behaviour becomes more erratic as they approach the capital, turning to drink and arguing with several other characters including Eragon, Roran and Jormundr about how they can possibly defeat Galbatorix. After the king's death, he wishes to take the throne of Alagaesia, as does Nasuada, and during the resulting argument he states the Surdans risked everything in the war and his taking the throne is the only way they will be compensated for their losses. He even threatens to turn against the Varden, but the other races (elves, dwarves and Urgals) state an attack on the Varden will be considered as an attack on them, and force him to back down. Instead, Nasuada agrees to give Surda large amounts of land in recognition of the Surdans' part in the war, and allows Surda to retain its independence except for adhering to her proposed laws limiting magic users. In return, King Orrin swears allegiance to Nasuada as High Queen of Alagaesia.


Elva is an orphaned baby who, in the second book of the Inheritance Cycle, Eragon attempts to bless, but accidentally curses. (Eragon intends to say 'May you be shielded from misfortune', but accidentally says 'May you be a shield from misfortune'.) As a result, Elva is compelled to protect other people from misfortune at the cost of her own peace of mind. Due to the curse, Elva has to increase her size to better protect those around her. At the end of "Brisingr" she is less than two years old, but her body is said to be at the development of around six years old, and her mind has developed adult faculties. Her abilities develop until she is able to anticipate events in detail two to three hours in advance. However, she struggles before fights, due to the amount of pain and suffering about to take place. In Eldest, she is taken on as Nasuada's bodyguard after anticipating an attempted assassination.

In Brisingr, Elva continues to advise Nasuada. This, and Elva's loyalty to the Varden, are terminated when Eragon, attempting to remove the spell he placed on her, instead modifies it to the extent that although she is aware of others' suffering, she is able to ignore it without being compelled to save them and suffering pain if she fails to do so. He also unintentionally allows Elva to turn off her conscience, which she uses against him. She remains with the Varden, under the care of Angela, who has rendered herself immune to Elva's powers by a spell. In Inheritance Nasuada asks her to help the Varden again using her abilities, but she refuses. After Wyrden's death at Dras-Leona, Eragon confronts her, stating that if Elva had been with them to sense the harm about to befall someone, Wyrden would not have died. He also tells her that she could shorten the war by helping the Varden, and this would end her suffering, as the intense pain that she currently senses from each battle that takes place is too much for her to ignore, even though she is no longer compelled to act. Because of this, she helps Eragon during the attack on Uru'baen, anticipating the traps in the hallway leading to Galbatorix's room, although the elven spellcasters are captured by a trap that she cannot sense as it does them no harm. When they confront Galbatorix, the king silences her with a spell to prevent her saying anything that will play on his fears. However, she still helps Eragon, as just before the king incinerates himself in a nuclear explosion the anticipated pain causes Elva to scream and faint, and Eragon immediately casts a spell to protect everyone else in that room from whatever is about to harm them. After the war is over, Elva lives with Nasuada. Eragon offers to remove the spell on her entirely using his new knowledge of the name of the ancient language, but she refuses, as the spell is now an important part of who she is, and with the war over the pain she senses has diminished greatly, ending her suffering.

The Twins[edit]

The Twins were powerful human magicians who claimed to support the Varden. Little about them is revealed; their names are unknown and are called 'the Twins' throughout, as they are identical twins. They are responsible for mentally probing all who come to Tronjheim. They show animosity towards Eragon as he essentially thwarts their plans to learn more of the ancient language from him.

Early on in Eldest, an Urgal party attacks the unprepared Varden, killing Ajihad and kidnapping the Twins and Murtagh. Oromis reveals that the Twins had turned traitor before the Battle of Farthen Dûr. They had intentionally failed to protect Eragon during the battle so that Durza could capture him. It is learned that the Twins had masterminded the Urgal attack, having taken control of a group of Urgals with the intent of killing Ajihad and capturing Murtagh. They take Murtagh to Urû'baen, where he is forced to swear loyalty to Galbatorix. They then fight with the Empire in the Battle of the Burning Plains, but are killed by Roran when he brings a hammer down on their skulls.


Trianna is one of the few magic users that serve the Varden and is also a sorceress. After the disappearance of the Twins in Eldest, Trianna leads Du Vrangr Gata, a group of magicians. Trianna is put in charge of Nasuada's plan to use the making of lace to finance the Varden's war efforts. She leads the magicians in the Battle of the Burning Plains. Eragon and Trianna carry shared authority over the Varden's magicians in the events of Brisingr.

Trianna is proud and does not share her power easily. It takes much persuasion on Eragon's part to get her to allow him to lead Du Vrangr Gata.


Jörmundur is second-in-command of the Varden troops. He commands a battalion in the Battle of Farthen Dûr. His skill and wisdom in battle make him valued by the Varden. He is also a member of the Varden's Council of Elders. The Varden's leader, Ajihad, appointed him second in command (military wise). In "Eldest", he is the only member of the Council of Elders who does not try to control Nasuada politically. Before the Battle of the Burning Plains, when Nasuada tells Eragon that he will be her successor, she tells him to trust in Jörmundur's advice.


Angela is a fortune teller, herbalist, witch, and a friend of Eragon's. Her character is loosely based on Paolini's sister.[3] She is accompanied by a werecat named Solembum. She makes most of her living by fortune-telling for the richer people of Teirm and selling potions. She tells Eragon that he will fall in love with someone of noble birth-but cannot tell whether happiness or tragedy will result, that someone in his family will betray him, that someone close to him shall die, and that he will someday depart and never again set foot . At the end of Brisingr, only two of the four had happened. However, these prophecies are fulfilled at the end of "Inheritance" when Eragon has to leave to find a place to train the future Dragon Riders to the east and Murtagh while no longer full brother still betrays him to Galbatorix. In Eragon, Angela later appears in Tronjheim, where she has taken up residence and where her skill outstrips that of all other local magic users, with the exceptions of Eragon and Arya (though the full extent of her powers remain unknown). She fights with the Varden in the battle of Farthen Dûr. Angela heals most of Eragon's injuries after the Battle under Farthen Dûr, though is unable to completely heal the wound on his back from Durza. During Eldest, she watches over Elva as the child's powers develop. During the Battle of Burning Plains, she poisons the enemy army's food and water supply, in order to give the Varden any advantage against Galbatorix's larger forces. Angela wields a dwarven hûthvír (a staff with a blade extending from both ends) in battle, an action that many dwarves consider blasphemy because only the dwarven-priests of Dûrgrimst Quan are allowed to wield them. Angela is said to have won the hûthvír from a member of Dûrgrimst Quan in a game of riddles.

In Brisingr, it is revealed Angela learned her skills from a man named Tenga, an eccentric mystic now living alone, whom Eragon has a brief encounter with early in the novel. She is implied to be much older than can be deduced from her appearance and behavior and Oromis also mentions someone of a similar description to her who once visited the elves. In Inheritance it is shown that she is close friends with the Urgals, and that Grimrr Halfpaw, king of the werecats, hates her because she once cast a spell that made him chirp like a songbird as revenge for him torturing a small bird. Later in the book, at the siege of Dras-Leona, she and Solembum accompany Eragon, Arya and Wyrden when they try to infiltrate the city via the catacombs. She is revealed to have another weapon, which she calls "Tinkledeath." After Eragon and Arya are captured and face being fed to the newly hatched Ra'zac, she and Solembum rescue them.

When King Galbatorix explains to Nasuada about the Hall of the Soothsayer, the hall where she is imprisoned, his description of who the soothsayer once was could provide a description of Angela. Angela is hinted to be older than she looks several times in the series and, especially in Inheritance, often seems to know information that was never told to her. Many fans speculate that Angela is one of the mysterious "Grey Folk." This is backed up by the way she uses magic under Dras Leona. She also complains of trouble accessing the energy needed for magic, which agrees with the fact that the Grey Folk were diminished in magical ability after casting the spell that gave the Ancient Language its name. Eragon resolves to ask her more about her history when the war is over, but gets few answers out of her. Angela is portrayed by Joss Stone in the film Eragon.


Solembum is a werecat who spends his time with Angela. In Eragon, during the visit to Teirm, he tells Eragon "When the time comes and you need a weapon, look under the roots of the Menoa tree. Then, when all seems lost and your power is insufficient, go to the rock of Kuthian and speak your name to open the Vault of Souls". Solembum has only ever spoken to two other people that entered Angela's shop, a blind beggar and Eragon's mother, Selena. Solembum has red (sometimes blue or yellow) eyes and his ears are tipped with black tufts. He can also change his form to that of a young human boy. Later in the book, he fights alongside Angela in the Battle under Farthen Dur. In the final book, Inheritance, Eragon asks Solembum what the second part of the advice means, but Solembum is unable to answer. He explains that not long after the Fall of the Riders, a compulsion came upon each member of the werecat race to tell those two sentences to any new Rider they found outside Galbatorix's control, even though no werecat can remember being told this information. Solembum then has a strange seizure where he speaks, directing Eragon to a passage of the book Domia abr Wyrda, which tells Eragon where to find the Rock of Kuthian on the island of Vroengard. At the Rock, they discover the Vault of Souls and it is revealed the knowledge was given to Solembum and the other werecats by the Eldunari inside so the new Rider would be able to come and enlist their help in fighting Galbatorix.

Jeod Longshanks[edit]

Jeod Longshanks is a wealthy merchant and scholar of Teirm and a good friend of Brom's. He is an agent of the Varden, whom he supported with his business by smuggling various supplies until he was exposed to the Empire, causing him to suffer heavy losses. He and Brom stole Saphira's egg from the Empire.

Despite his misfortune, he aids Eragon and Brom in finding out the location of the Ra'zac. In Eldest, Jeod meets Roran and offers him assistance. Jeod, his wife Helen, and Roran escape Teirm on a pirated ship, taking the villagers of Carvahall to Surda. He remains there and among the Varden thereafter, seeking to support the Varden and maintain his strained relationship to Helen.

At the near end of Inheritance, Jeod reveals to Eragon that he belongs to an order founded by Heslant the Monk − who wrote Domia abr Wyrda − attempting to preserve knowledge in Alagaësia. He promises Eragon that Eragon's story will never be forgotten as he and his order will preserve it.


Carn is a spell caster who serves with Roran throughout the missions in Brisingr and remains a close friend of his. Not thought to be a particularly strong magician, he compensates by inventing extraordinarily clever spells and excelling at worming his way into his opponents' minds. Carn is killed in a Wizard's Duel in Inheritance by an enemy magician, although he kills his opponent as well by sucking moisture out of his body.

Martland Redbeard[edit]

Martland Redbeard is Roran's commander during his first mission into the Empire when they ambush a caravan and is admired by his men as a tactical genius who saved his servants and others in his house from Galbatorix's men. By this time it can be assumed as he is getting old as his famed red beard is going grey. Towards the end of the second fight Martland's hand is cut off by a soldier who was pretending to be dead. Carn offers to heal it, but Martland orders him to help others who are more badly wounded. It is evidently then too late to reattach his hand, and he is removed from active duty and given a position as a battle advisor to Nasuada.


Edric is the commander of one of Roran's missions with the Varden. Edric and Roran are sent to fight off a group of soldiers attacking Surda while the army is away. Edric is described as being a competent commander but one who dislikes straying from a set course. This is described by Roran as a style that undermines creativity. Edric's right-hand man is Sand, who is killed in a disastrous battle that Roran is forced to save at the cost of fifty lashes for disobedience. After this mission, Edric is stripped of rank.


Captain Brigman is a varden officer who was sent by Nasuada to conquer the city of Aroughs. After an extended siege, Nasuada, wanting to conquer the city quickly, sent Roran to replace him as commander. Brigman was frequently at odds with Roran, considering his strategies to be mad, and came near to insubordination. This caused Roran to strip him of rank and confine him to his tent. After Roran is injured by an arrow, Brigman saves him by cutting the arrow out, and takes control while Roran recovers. In gratitude, Roran appoints Brigman as commander of Aroughs.


Irwin is the Prime Minister of Surda. While it is unclear what role the Prime Minister plays in Surda's government, he is quite influential in Orrin's government and has opposed the Varden on numerous occasions in an attempt to express Surda's dominance over them. While King Orrin has dismissed his council on numerous occasions, Irwin is still in a position of power relative to Orrin, just as the Council of Elders are in a position of power compared to Nasuada.


Fredric is the Varden's main weapon master and an accomplished fighter as well. He aids Eragon in finding a new sword, a falchion, but Eragon eventually destroys it by accident and ends up with Brisingr. Fredric holds a position of authority amongst the Varden and has survived both the fighting at Tronjheim and the Battle of the Burning Plains. He routinely wears a suit of ox hide armor, which Eragon has often stated as having a pungent odor, and wields a massive two-handed sword, which is over five feet long. Fredric is not to be confused with Falberd, who is a member of the Council of Elders.

Galbatorix's followers[edit]


Shruikan is Galbatorix's black dragon. At the start of the series, he is believed to be the only dragon left alive. After being denied a new dragon after his was killed by Urgals, Galbatorix stole another Rider's dragon, killed the Rider, then used a dark ritual in an attempt to recreate the bond forged by elves and dragons and force Shruikan to serve him. Shruikan was spared from the Banishing of the Names because he did not choose to help Galbatorix, but was forced to.

Shruikan has gone mad from being "bonded" to Galbatorix, it is commented that at this point it would be far more humane to simply kill Shruikan due to this madness. In the final battle of Inheritance, he is killed by Arya who throws the Dauthdaert - one of twelve special spears designed to kill dragons - which enters and cuts through one of his blue eyes.

The Forsworn[edit]

The Forsworn were a group of 13 corrupt Dragon Riders and dragons who joined Galbatorix during "The Fall". When the dragons learned that thirteen of their kind had willingly joined Galbatorix and were helping to exterminate the rest of their race, every dragon not of the Forsworn banded together and, through their strange magic, caused their names to be exterminated, an event known as The Banishing of the Names. No one in common language or in the ancient tongue can say or think their names. After their names were stripped away, the dragons could not even say "I like..." or "I am..." because that would be describing themselves. The result of this was that the Forsworn's dragons devolved into barely sentient beasts, driving many of their Riders insane in the process. They spared Shruikan because he didn't have a choice in his servitude, as well as Galbatorix's first dragon, Jarnunvösk, because she was killed by Urgals before Galbatorix's descent into madness, and was not involved in the betrayal. Morzan was the first Rider to defect, and the last to be killed. The Forsworn were mostly killed by the Varden, although others are known to have committed suicide and overused magic and died. Brom is known to have killed three of the Forsworn, including Morzan, personally, and orchestrated the deaths of five others. Currently only five Forsworn are known; Kialandí, Formora, Glaerun, Morzan and Enduriel.


Morzan was a Dragon Rider, long dead by the start of Eragon. He was described as "strong of body, but weak of mind" by Brom.

Morzan was convinced by Galbatorix to betray the other Riders and swear fealty to Galbatorix, becoming the first of the thirteen Forsworn. He helped Galbatorix to get a new dragon, Shruikan, by leaving a door open in the Dragon Riders' Headquarters. For many years Morzan served Galbatorix, during which he met Selena, who fell in love with him. Selena gave birth to their son Murtagh, who grew up in his father's estate. Morzan showed no compassion toward his son; Murtagh was nearly killed at the age of three when Morzan threw his sword at him in a drunken rage. Fearing that similar misfortunes may occur to her second child, Eragon, whose father is actually not Morzan but Brom, Selena gives birth to him in Carvahall and entrusts him to her brother Garrow, keeping Eragon's existence a secret from Morzan.

Though initially idolizing him, Brom becomes enraged at Morzan's betrayal and holds him responsible for the death of his own dragon, Saphira. Morzan is killed by Brom when hunting for the dragon egg stolen by Brom and Jeod.

At the end of Eldest, Murtagh claims that Morzan is Eragon's father; however in Brisingr, Saphira shows Eragon a memory that Brom gave her, proving that he is Eragon's father.


Kialandí was a Dragon Rider, long dead by the start of Eragon. Nothing has been mentioned about his looks or personality.

Kialandí was a Dragon Rider who joined Galbatorix and became one of the Forsworn. His early history is unknown. A purple dragon hatched for him when he was young, and he joined the Dragon Riders. At some point, he joined Galbatorix in his quest to destroy the Dragon Riders and conquer Alagaësia. During the campaign, Kialandí and Formora set a trap and magically ensnared Glaedr and Oromis. Kialandí then cast a spell to prevent Oromis from using magic, which only partially worked as in that instant Oromis magically broke his bonds. The effort caused Oromis to have his first seizure, and Glaedr fought to protect Oromis, almost killing Kialandí by throwing him and impaling him on his own dragon's spikes. Later, Kialandí joined the other Forsworn in attacking the city of Ilirea. There, he fought the Dragon Rider Arva and killed him.


Formora was an elven Dragon Rider, long dead by the start of Eragon. Little is known about her.

Formora was a member of the Thirteen Forsworn. She was a female elf, who had a brown dragon hatch for her. She joined the Dragon Riders, and at some point, betrayed them and joined Galbatorix and the Forsworn. Near the start of the campaign, Formora and Kialandí captured Oromis and Glaedr. As they broke free and Glaedr tried to fly away carrying Oromis in his paw. Formora tried to kill Oromis by stabbing at him. Glaedr twisted to avoid her, and instead she cut off Glaedr's left leg. Oromis and Glaedr escaped to the elf forest Du Weldenvarden. Formora eventually died of unknown circumstances.


Glaerun was a Dragon Rider and one of the Forsworn. He died during a nuclear-like explosion caused by the elven Rider, Thuviel sacrificing himself at Doru Areba when the battle was lost. The race of Glaerun has never been mentioned nor his dragon.


Enduriel was a Dragon Rider and one of the Forsworn. It's implied that Enduriel died after the event of the destruction of Ilirea and Vroengard. He may have been killed by Brom or by the Varden, planned by Brom. It is revealed that Enduriel employed Ajihad as a servant in his estate when Ajihad was young, presumably as a spy of the Varden. Galbatorix described him as "a permissive one and his dragon is more cunning than him". The race of Enduriel never been mentioned.

The Ra'zac[edit]

The Ra'zac are extremely powerful beings of indeterminate origins who work for Galbatorix: in exchange for a supply of human flesh. In the second book, Oromis states they arrived in Alagaesia from the land the humans had migrated from, and that the Riders tried but failed to exterminate them. Similar to insects, the Ra'zac have a three staged life: first as eggs, then as humanoid youngsters and finally, after the first full moon of their twentieth year, they shed their skin and become huge beasts called the Lethrblaka. This final stage is about 7 or 8 meters long including the tail, is dark grey in coloration, with a long beak, leathery skin, and two pteranodon like wings as well as two clawed bird like feet. The Ra’zac are social and intelligent, seen hunting in coordinated efforts to surround prey. The Ra’zac are capable of communicating complex information to each other through a series of clicks made with their beaks, and can also speak human languages, though their speech is hoarse and brief. Whether the adult form is also able to speak is unclear. The intermediate stage mimics the human form so as to be able to prey upon humans. Lethrblaka are predators of all other creatures. The Ra’zac are stronger than humans, can jump far, and their life force cannot be sensed by magic users. Their breath is stated to fog the mind of humans, and they conceal themselves in cloaks to better approach their prey. Ra’zac cannot directly use magic, dislike bright lights and are afraid of water as they cannot swim. They possess weapons including daggers, swords, bows and poisons and live in a magically concealed lair within the rock formation Helgrind, by the city of Dras-Leona.

In the first book, Eragon, the two youngster Ra’zac arrive at Carvahall to search for Saphira's egg, and after getting information from Sloan attack Eragon's home, torturing Garrow and destroying the house. After Garrow dies, Eragon pursues the Ra'zac to take revenge, but when Eragon and Brom locate them in Dras-Leona they are ambushed and Brom is mortally wounded protecting Eragon. Murtagh drives the Ra'zac away. In the second book, Eldest, the Ra'zac return to Carvahall with a group of soldiers with orders from Galbatorix to capture Roran and torture him for information about Eragon. They devour all the meat from a human corpse and threaten to enslave the villagers. After more villagers die and Katrina and Sloan are kidnapped by the Ra'zac, Roran and the remaining villagers flee and join the Varden. in the third book, Brisingr, Eragon, Roran and Saphira travel to Helgrind to rescue Katrina and destroy the Ra'zac and the Lethrblaka. The last Ra'zac tries to trade information with Eragon, concerning Galbatorix, in exchange for its life; it said that Galbatorix had almost found "the name", but refused to give further information when pressed. In the next book, Inheritance, it is revealed "the name" that Galbatorix has found is the name of all names, the name of the ancient language also known as "the Word". In Inheritance, it is also revealed that the priests of Helgrind worship the Ra'zac, and when Eragon and Arya are captured while trying to infiltrate the city, two eggs are brought out and hatched so they can feed on Eragon and Arya. They are rescued by Angela and the Ra'zac and the priesthood are destroyed. Later it is claimed by Galbatorix that even more Ra'zac eggs exist, but Eragon is not able to verify this claim.

Lord Barst[edit]

Lord Barst was a general who was known for his power in battle, said to be just as ruthless as Galbatorix. In Inheritance he leads the Empire's forces at Urû'baen during the final battle, wielding a deadly mace. He had an Eldunarí under his armor, which gave him very strong magical wards. He caused massive casualties to the Varden including killing Queen Islanzadí.

During battle, after the death of Queen Islanzadí, Roran developed a strategy that included catapults and scores of warriors to bombard Lord Barst's wards in order to slow him down. Roran eventually defeated him after shattering the Eldunarí he carried. Shattering the Eldunarí resulted in the energy stored witihin it to be released. Barst's body is destroyed by the resulting explosion.


Durza is a Shade, a sorcerer possessed by the spirits he summoned. He is the secondary antagonist in Eragon. He was initially an orphaned desert nomad named Carsaib, who was discovered by a sorcerer and became his apprentice. When the sorcerer was killed by raiders, Carsaib summoned spirits to aid in his revenge. These spirits were too powerful for Carsaib and possessed him, causing him to become Durza. A Shade, Durza has powerful magic outstripping that of a young Rider, in addition to superhuman strength and finesse in combat. Durza is described as evil incarnate, having red hair, red eyes, pale skin and sharp teeth.

At the beginning of Eragon, Durza was given the task of retrieving Saphira's egg. He captured Arya, but she teleported the egg away from Durza. Though he tortured her almost to the point of death, she would not reveal anything about the elves, or the hiding place of the egg. Later, Urgals captured Eragon and Durza questions him in Gil'ead, though Eragon escapes with a dying Arya with some help from Murtagh. During the Battle of Farthen Dûr, Durza is killed by Eragon while Durza was being distracted by Arya and Saphira breaking through the Star Sapphire. Like all Shades, Durza could only be killed if stabbed in the heart. After his death, the Varden won the Battle of Farthen Dûr and Eragon is given the name "Shadeslayer".

Durza is portrayed by Robert Carlyle in the film adaptation.


Varaug is the Shade that is created by three magicians using the body of a soldier during the siege on the city of Feinster. However, the governess of Feinster realizes that the Shade can easily turn on her own people and asks Eragon and Arya to kill the spellcasters. Eragon and Arya kill two of the spellcasters, but they are distracted long enough for the third spellcaster to succeed, who is then killed by Varaug himself. Varaug proves to be a more powerful Shade than Durza, as for reasons unknown there appeared to be even more spirits trapped inside of him than inside of Durza. However, Eragon attacks Varaug's mind and distracts him long enough for Arya to stab the Shade in the heart, killing him. After Varaug's death, Eragon notes that Arya earned the name "Shadeslayer" as well, and in Inheritance, Eragon referred to her as this name one time after Arya became a Dragon Rider herself with Fírnen.

Characters from Carvahall[edit]


Garrow is Roran's father, Eragon and Murtagh's uncle and Selena's brother. He had a wife, Marian, but she is dead at the time the story is set. He lives on a farm, away from the rest of the village. After giving birth to Eragon, Selena left Eragon in the hands of Garrow and his wife, but gave them no explanation. Garrow raises Eragon alongside his own son Roran. He suggested Eragon sell the "stone" (actually Saphira's egg.) He is killed by the Ra'zac near the beginning of the first book, dying of a rare poison called Seithr Oil that causes very severe burns and an unbreakable fever. He is not mentioned much in the rest of the cycle, except when Eragon discovers (falsely) that Morzan is his father, and he rationalizes this away with the reasoning that Garrow, who raised him, is his real father. Garrow is finally avenged in Brisingr when the Ra'zac and their parents are killed by Eragon, with the aid of Roran and Saphira. Eragon also shatters a vial of the Seithr Oil.


Sloan is Carvahall's butcher and Katrina's father. Sloan dotes upon his daughter and is highly possessive of her.

In Eragon he tells the Ra'zac that Eragon found, and brought home Saphira's egg, which kills Eragon's uncle Garrow, and it ends up destroying Eragon's farm.

In Eldest, when Carvahall comes under attack, Sloan initially defends Carvahall; however, he later betrays the villagers and is captured, along with Katrina, by the Ra'zac. He also kills one of the people, a watchman named Byrd.

In Brisingr, Eragon discovers Sloan in a cell in Helgrind, horribly wounded (the Ra'zac pecked out his eyes) and alone. Wishing to keep Sloan safe, Eragon lies to Roran and Katrina, saying that Sloan's neck is broken and he is dead. He discovers Sloan's true name and thereby forces him to enter Du Weldenvarden, where his damaged personality and ruined eyesight may be healed. Eragon punishes Sloan by banning him from seeing Katrina again. Sloan is shown in Du Weldenvarden in a later chapter, but does not manifest many signs of healing or repentance. Eragon tries to communicate with him, but fails.

In Inheritance, Sloan is outraged when Eragon, who forgets that Sloan was there, brings Katrina and Roran to Du Weldenvarden. Realizing his mistake, Eragon heals Sloan's sight, who immediately takes in the fascinating surroundings, and sees Katrina, who is happy. Though he still cannot talk to her, Sloan is less upset now that he can see his daughter.


Katrina is the daughter of Sloan and Ismira. When she got engaged to Roran without her father's blessing, Sloan was so enraged he tried to strike at Roran and denied Katrina of her mother's inheritance and his dowry. When Garrow died, Eragon overheard that she had wished to call him father someday. Eragon was upset by this because he could not even call Garrow that.

When Carvahall is under siege, the Ra'zac infiltrate the village and capture Katrina and Sloan. Although Roran and his friends try to follow, the Ra'zac escape on the Lethrblaka. It is later revealed that Katrina is held captive in Helgrind. Katrina is rescued by Roran and Eragon from Helgrind in Brisingr. Shortly afterwards, she and Roran get married, at which time Katrina is already pregnant with Roran's child. She tells Roran that if the war is not over once the child is born, she will leave for Dauth or Aberon for the sake of their child.

Eragon describes her as "strong willed", but when they found her cell at Helgrind, she broke down for fear of being blind. She loves Roran with all her heart, as well as their daughter, Ismira.


Horst is the blacksmith of Carvahall. Roran leaves his house and moves in with Horst in Eragon. He lives there until the migration of the villagers of Carvahall in Eldest. He travels with the other villagers to Surda, where he joins the Varden as a metalworker. Horst is the husband of Elain and the father of Baldor, Albriech and Hope. He helped Roran and Eragon throughout the series and before the narration begins, acting as a second father.


Selena was the mother of Eragon and Murtagh, the consort of Morzan, and the sister of Garrow and aunt to Roran. She was also known to many people as The Black Hand. Selena fell in love with Morzan, who trained her in magic and other warrior arts. He later turned her into his spy and assassin, serving under Galbatorix. She gave birth to Murtagh, and kept his existence a secret from all but Morzan and Galbatorix, however, Morzan showed no compassion toward their son. She eventually met Brom and shortly after began an extramarital affair with him. When Murtagh was nearly killed at the age of three by Morzan who threw his sword Zar'roc at him in a drunken rage, Selena discovers she was pregnant from Brom. She traveled to Carvahall where she gave birth to Eragon which she then entrusted to her brother Garrow and his wife before returning to Morzan. She died soon afterward, possibly from birth complications. She never revealed Eragon's existence to Morzan, hoping to shield Eragon from Morzan's wrath.


Birgit Mardasdaughter, the mother of Nolfavrell, is a young woman who assists Roran during the village's flight from the Empire to Surda. Her husband was Quimby, the village brewer, who was accidentally killed by Imperial soldiers when he tried to break up an argument in the village's tavern, then eaten by the Ra'zac. For this, Birgit accompanied and supported Roran in his quest for revenge against the Ra'zac, although she has promised to one day collect Roran's "debt" for the part she thinks he played in the death of her husband — since Roran was the reason the soldiers were in the tavern in the first place (Roran, as Eragon's cousin, was targeted by the Empire for capture and for leverage against Eragon as a hostage), she holds Roran partially responsible for his death. Near the end of Inheritance Birgit takes her "debt" from Roran; Katrina, who thinks Birgit is going to kill Roran, is much relieved when she only cuts him across the hand. When Eragon offers to heal Roran's wound he declines, saying that it was a scar he wished to keep.

Characters from Du Weldenvarden[edit]


Oromis is Eragon's second teacher after Brom. He is an elf and the last remaining Dragon Rider of the old order. He is also known as "Osthato Chetowa, the Mourning Sage" and "Togira Ikonoka, the Cripple Who is Whole". Although his age is never explicitly stated, it can be deduced from the events he has said to have witnessed that he is at least eight hundred years old. He lives with his gold-colored dragon, Glaedr, in Du Weldenvarden. Oromis is said to have been "crippled" when he was captured by the Forsworn, as Kialandi cast a spell to try and prevent him using magic and now he is only able to use the weakest of spells. He also suffers from a rare physical disorder as a result of escaping the magical bonds placed on him by the Forsworn, which the elves have no cure for and which caused him painful seizures, not unlike epilepsy. In Eragon, Oromis contacts Eragon telepathically, mentally shielding him from the spirits imprisoned in Durza and advising him to go to the elves for further training. In Eldest, Oromis and Glaedr are revealed to be hiding in Du Weldenvarden, unable to directly fight Galbatorix due to Oromis's seizures and Glaedr's missing leg. Oromis trains Eragon. In Brisingr, Eragon and Saphira return and Oromis reveals Eragon's true father is Brom. Oromis decides to fight alongside the elves in battle, as he has taught Eragon all that might help him defeat Galbatorix and there will be no more Riders to train until the war is over. He and Glaedr fight Murtagh and Thorn who, unable to defeat the veterans, are put under Galbatorix's mind control. In this fashion, Galbatorix kills Oromis when he has a seizure and drops his sword Naegling, in which most of his spare energy for magic is stored and which contains his protective wards. Galbatorix then kills Glaedr, and although Glaedr lives on in his Eldunari, the shock of Oromis's death sends Glaedr into a deep depression for the first part of Inheritance. Glaedr eventually recovers somewhat, and during the trip to Vroengard it is revealed that Oromis was one of the Riders who devised the Vault of Souls as a precaution against the dragons' extinction.

Lord Fiolr[edit]

Lord Fiolr is Arya's friend and leader of Sílthrim. He is well trained in magic. It is implied that he fought at Ceunon and Gil'ead. He lives in the House of Valtharos. He is the owner of Támerlein, one of the last swords of the Dragon Riders that was his wife's brothers sword. Though he offers Eragon the sword when Eragon loses Zar'roc to Murtagh, it is implied that he does not really wish to give Eragon the sword. In Inheritance, he gives Támerlein to Arya after her Dragon hatches.


Glaedr is the gold dragon bonded to Oromis. He is described as being at least three times as large as Saphira and a skilled fighter. After escaping from the clutches of the Forsworn, during which Glaedr had his left leg cut off by Formora, Glaedr and Oromis went into hiding in Du Weldenvarden to teach the first of the new generation of Riders. During Eldest, he serves as Saphira's mentor, training her for battle, and helps teach Eragon about Dragon Riders. During this time, Saphira started to feel strongly towards him, but he did not return her affections. In Brisingr, Eragon and Saphira return to Du Weldenvarden and Glaedr reveals that dragons do not have to die when their body does, but can live on in a gemlike object called an Eldunari. Galbatorix collected and enslaved hundreds of Eldunari during the Fall, and hence his magical and mental strength has been greatly increased by access to the dragons' knowledge and vast energy stores. Before Oromis and Glaedr leave to fight, Glaedr gives his Eldunari to Eragon so if they die, he can continue to teach them everything he and Oromis knew. During the elves' siege of Gil'ead, Glaedr and Oromis take on Murtagh and Thorn. As they seem to gain the upper hand, Galbatorix possesses Murtagh and Thorn, and uses them to kill first Oromis and then Glaedr. Glaedr's body dies, but his soul lives on in his Eldunari. In Inheritance Glaedr spends the first part of the book in a deep depression due to his grief at Oromis's death. He eventually recovers enough to continue teaching Eragon and Saphira and to assist them in battle, including their trip to the Vault of Souls and overthrowing Galbatorix. After the war is over, Glaedr volunteers to stay with the tortured and traumatized Eldunari that had been enslaved by Galbatorix for a hundred years, and help to heal them. He leaves Alagaesia with Eragon. He is on the front cover of Brisingr.


Fírnen was one of the eggs that was captured by Galbatorix. His egg was green, and he didn't hatch until Arya brought him to the Crags of Tael'neir when the war with the Empire had finished. He became the dragon of Arya. Fírnen and Saphira mated, but Saphira had to leave Alagaesia.

The Menoa Tree[edit]

The Menoa Tree is one of the oldest and largest trees in Du Weldenvarden. The tree has the spirit of the elf Linnëa, who imbued her consciousness into the tree by magically singing for three days, and has since watched over the forest. The tree is referenced by Solembum in his advice to Eragon in the first book. In Eldest, Eragon experiences the change of the Agaeti Blödhren (Blood-Oath Celebration) under this tree. In Brisingr, Saphira attacks the Menoa Tree and awakens her, so that Eragon can convince the tree to give them Brightsteel — an extraterrestrial metal necessary to forge a new Rider's sword — in return for any favor it wishes. The tree gives them the brightsteel, but withdraws its mind from Eragon before telling Eragon what it wants in return. In "Inheritance", Eragon asks The Menoa tree what it is she wanted and she just felt amused and said "Go" and withdrew from his mind before he could ask what she meant.

Queen Islanzadí[edit]

Islanzadí is queen of the elves. She lives in the elven capital Ellesméra. She is the widow of the former king of the elves, Evandar, and the mother of Arya. Before the events of the Inheritance Cycle, Islanzadí was estranged from Arya when she agreed to ferry Saphira's egg and be the elves' ambassador to the Varden. Islanzadí withdraws her support from the Varden following Arya's capture in Eragon. In Eldest, she reconciles with Arya and the Varden when Arya returns to Du Weldenvarden with Eragon. She recognizes Aren, Brom's ring that Eragon was given, as a symbol of Elven friendship, and grants Eragon the same right to wear it. In Brisingr, Islanzadí also leads the elves into battle at Ceunon and Gil'ead. Islanzadí is considered very protective of the trees within Du Weldenvarden, as the initial attack at Ceunon was provoked by the humans entering too far into the forest and cutting down ancient trees. When Eragon asks her for advice in what to do with Sloan, she is angry with him for having stayed in the Empire instead of just killing Sloan, showing that she could be merciless and overly logical (which is ironic, because, as an elf, she can't bring herself to kill animals or eat meat). This behavior irritates Eragon. She agrees to let Sloan enter Du Weldenvarden and live with the elves so he cannot see his daughter again. During Inheritance, she continues to support the Varden, and is delighted when Eragon returns from Vroengard with the Eldunari, as they include dragons she knew personally and had thought dead. She is killed in the final battle in Urû'baen by Lord Barst. Islanzadí was succeeded by her daughter Arya as Queen of the Elves.

King Evandar[edit]

Evandar was the mate of Islanzadí and Arya's father. He was ruler of Du Weldenvarden before Islanzadí was. It is said that he died while making a final stand against Galbatorix when he led the elven army and the remaining free Riders in a siege of Urû'baen. However, his body was not found. This was following the destruction of Vroengard and Doru Araeba. He blessed Blagden because the bird saved his life once in a battle.


Vanir is a (comparatively) young elf, who is Eragon's sparring partner during his training in Eldest. He is a skilled but arrogant swordsman and says "dead" every time he lands a potentially deadly blow to Eragon. Initially, he considers Eragon unworthy of the title Dragon Rider due to his lack of skills in comparison to the elves and Eragon's acquired disability. When Eragon, enhanced by magic, breaks his arm and defeats him. Eragon offers to heal it but Vanir refuses and thus, Eragon earns his respect. Vanir succeeds Arya as the ambassador of the elves to Nasuada's government and, as an extent, King Orrin of Surda, Inheritance. It is implied that he made a residence in Ilirea to comport himself as an ambassador. His name is shared with that of a pantheon of Nordic gods.


Rhunön is an ancient elf who created all of the Dragon Riders' swords. After the betrayal of the Forsworn, Rhunön swore never to make another sword. In Brisingr, Eragon requests that she make him a Rider's sword. Because of her oath, Rhunön creates it through a mental merging with Eragon, wherein she guides his movements, but it is Eragon himself who makes it. Eragon then names it Brisingr. She is over 3000 years old, possibly the oldest elf in Du Weldenvarden, as she was alive before the great battle between the elves and dragons and remembers a time when the elves were as mortal as men, just before their joining with the dragons.


Maud is a werecat that lives in Ellesméra. She knows of Solembum, and is assumed to be much older than he. She is even more mysterious than Solembum and seems to have a place among Islanzadí's advisers. Maud is also seen caring for Alanna and Dusan, two elf children, while Eragon was creating his new sword, Brisingr. Eragon first meets Maud shortly after his very first audience with Queen Islanzadí in Eldest. She also goes by the names of The Watcher, Quickpaw and The Dream Dancer.


Blödhgarm (translated in an appendix as "Bloodwolf") is a blue-furred wolf elf, and has a musky scent that attracts females. He is the leader of a small group sent to protect Eragon and Saphira on the orders of Islanzadí ("our twelve finest spell weavers," of whom Blödhgarm is the leader). It is implied that he is highly competent in fighting, magical and otherwise. He helps in the battles against the Empire and is one of the elves to go with Eragon to help with training the future Dragon Riders.


Wyrden was a powerful elven spellcaster under Blödhgarm. He first appeared in Inheritance at the battle of Belatona where he helped to heal Saphira after she was injured by the Dauthdaert. He later acts as Eragon's sparring partner. While accompanying Eragon in the tunnels of Dras-Leona, he was impaled by magic spikes. Wyrden was the only one of Blödhgarm's spellcasters to die in the story arc.


Blagden is a raven blessed by Evandar after pecking out an Urgal's eyes when the elf king stumbled during a fight, thus allowing Evandar to recover and defeat the Urgal. The magic gave Blagden intelligence and the ability of speech (though he primarily speaks in riddles and doggerel), but also unintentionally turned his feathers pure white, and the strange ability to sometimes sense what would happen in the future. He probably knew Brom as he stated both Brom and Eragon were "blind as bats". According to Oromis, he might have spied on his conversation with Brom about Eragon's parentage, as he hinted that Eragon and Murtagh only shared a single parent. And as Oromis said (to this effect) that eavesdropping was an unfortunate habit of Blagden's.


Arva was an elven Rider who was at Ilirea when the Forsworn attacked the city. He fought Kialandí, one of the Forsworn, an elven male rider who subsequently dealt him with a mortal blow during the battle, but managed to pass his sword Támerlein to his sister, Naudra, who was Lord Fiolr's mate so she can use it as a weapon to free herself from the battle. She fought free and managed to escape (although she died soon after due to her extensive injuries) along with a dragon and a rider to Du Weldenvarden, home of the elves. In Inheritance, Rhunön made some modifications in Támerlein, and in the end of the book, it was passed to Arya. Eragon found the guard too wide and the handle too thick for his purposes. Eragon used a different technique than the previous owner of the sword.

Characters from the Beor Mountains[edit]


Hrothgar was the King of the dwarves, controlling the thirteen dwarf clans and Tronjheim, the city within Farthen Dûr. He admits Eragon as a member of Dûrgrimst Ingeitum, an honor that had never previously been bestowed upon a non-dwarf. He is killed by magic from Murtagh in the Battle of the Burning Plains. His name is derived from "Hroðgar", the name of a legendary Danish king who lived in the 6th century and who appears as a character in the Anglo-Saxon epics Beowulf and Widsith. He is succeeded by his nephew Orik.


Gannel is Grimstborith ("clan chief") of Dûrgrimst Quan, the religious clan of the dwarves. He is also the head priest of the dwarves. He gives Eragon a necklace that will prevent anyone from scrying him. He supports Grimstborith Nado for the dwarven kingship, and later summons the chief dwarf god, Gûntera.


Vermûnd is the Grimstborith of Az Sweldn rak Anhûin, a small and mysterious clan. Vermûnd orders the assassination of Eragon when he stays in Tronjheim during Brisingr. Because of his crime, Az Sweldn rak Anhûin are banished from the dwarves by Orik and the other clan chiefs, until Vermûnd is replaced. Vermûnd himself is branded a traitor and shall be ignored until he dies.

Creatures of the Beors[edit]


Fanghur are creatures that resemble dragons, though not as large or intelligent as their cousins, and are unable to breathe fire. They are considered to be the most deadly of the native Beor creatures through the way they hunt, by letting out piercing screams or to attack their victim's minds to paralyse them while they go in for the kill. In Eldest, Eragon and Saphira encounter three Fanghur that they mistake for dragons at first, and are attacked by them until Saphira frightens them off with her fire.


Feldûnost are large goat-like creatures that are sometimes ridden upon by dwarves. Their name means "frostbeard" in the dwarf language. Feldûnost appear in Eldest when Eragon and Saphira enter Tarnag.


Nagra are giant boar creatures that are feasted upon by dwarves. Their meat is rich in taste, and few dwarves are able to catch a nagra. Nagra are shown in both Eldest and Brisingr. In Eldest, a nagra is served in a grand feast at Tarnag. In Brisingr a group of Nagra are shown in a confrontation with an Urzhad. A Nagra is killed by the massive bear in the fight.


A shrrg is a giant wolf creature. They are mentioned by Orik in Eldest, saying that they can catch both Feldunost and Nagra. A Shrrg is seen in Brisingr, when Eragon and Nar Garzhvog are camping. Eragon is able to speak to the beast and convince it that they wouldn't attack. The wolf merely took some meat from the camp and ran off.


Urzhad (called Beorn by the elves) are massive cave bears that grow to a large size. Urzhad are larger than most Beor creatures, about as big as a small house. They are known to be brutal creatures that can kill a Nagra with ease. In Brisingr, an Urzhad is seen by Eragon and Nar Garzhvog on their journey through the Beor Mountains. The bear is attacked by a group of Nagra and has its flanks scratched badly by the boar. The beast however easily kills a Nagra with its paw and starts eating it. Eragon is impressed by the monster's power, and fears Saphira would have trouble against it, but Garzhvog tells him "She can breathe fire, a bear cannot."


Nar Garzhvog[edit]

Nar Garzhvog is a Kull (an Urgal that can grow to be eight feet tall) commander who joins the Varden, becoming the first of his kind to fight in an alliance with another race while not enslaved in history. He fights in the Battle of the Burning Plains and accompanies Eragon on a later journey to the foot of the Beor Mountains. Nar Garzhvog respects Eragon because Eragon killed Durza and saved the surviving Urgals from Durza's mind control. Another reason for his respect of Eragon is that Eragon is a mighty warrior, for the Urgals rank their chieftains based on fighting prowess. It is said that Nar Garzhvog is as skilled as any fighter and is almost as wise as Oromis, though in a different way. It is due to Nar Garzhvog that, at the end of Inheritance, Eragon adds the Urgals to the Rider pact. "Nar" is an Urgal term used to symbolize respect. Nar Garzhvog is very proud of his title Nar, and is not eager to give up his space as leader of the pack when the Urgals join the Varden.


Yarbog is an Urgal who challenges the authority of Roran (his commander) during a mission. Roran defeats him in an unarmed combat wrestling match and earns his respect.

Ancient characters[edit]

Eragon the 1st[edit]

Eragon was the first of the old order of the Dragon Riders. The elves and dragons were in the midst of a war after a young elf hunted and killed a dragon, as the elves originally mistook the dragons to be unintelligent beasts. During this war, Eragon found a white dragon egg on a cliff side and chose to raise the dragon, which he named Bid'daum. It is unknown whether the egg was left on purpose or by accident. Together they were able to establish communication between the two races and create a treaty between them. This later led to the formation of the Dragon Riders between elves and dragons, which later led to the elves becoming imbued with magic, and the balance between races were formed. It is not revealed whether or not Eragon dies, or how he and his dragon were connected, or whether or not he had a gedwëy ignasia or "shining palm". It is hinted that he found his dragon egg in a similar way as Eragon, his namesake. When Paolini was asked in an interview, "Could the first Eragon and his dragon still be alive?" Paolini responded with a simple "no comment."[4]


Bid'daum's egg was found by Eragon during the time of the war between the elves and dragons. Eragon raised the abandoned dragon hatchling in secret, and when Bid'daum grew strong enough to support Eragon's weight, the two traveled across Alagaësia, acting as intermediaries between the dragons and elves. The war ended as a result of their efforts, though both sides had heavy losses and would have destroyed each other if not for Eragon and Bid'Daum. Bid'daum was a white dragon.

Linnëa (the Menoa Tree)[edit]

Linnëa was an elf who lived before the war between elves and dragons, when they first migrated to the new land. She was skilled at changing the shapes of plants by song until she became enamored and was later cuckolded by her mate. Linnëa thereafter killed both her rival and her mate, and united herself with a tree deep in the forest, which became known as the Menoa Tree. Since then she has watched over Du Weldenvarden from within The Menoa Tree. Eragon and Saphira came to her for Brightsteel, her finally giving it up for an unknown price (Eragon leaving her alone).


Vrael was the last leader of the Riders of Old and was bonded to the male white dragon Umaroth. He was one of the last Riders able to defeat Galbatorix in combat, but hesitated to kill him, allowing Galbatorix to severely injure him. Vrael fled to the mountain of Utgard where he hoped to regain his strength, but Galbatorix found him and beheaded him with "a blazing sword" after kicking Vrael in the fork of the legs. Vrael's death then allowed Galbatorix to become King of Alagaësia, form the Empire of Alagaësia, and ended the legacy of the Riders of Old. He owned a white sword, which he called Islingr, or Light-bringer.

Queen Dellanir[edit]

Queen Dellanir was queen of the elves when Anurin decided to add humans to the pact so that there would be human Dragon Riders. This was also when the Riders moved their headquarters from the elven city of Ilirea to the island of Vroengard. Eventually Queen Dellanir let the Riders police her kingdom once more and reigned until she abandoned her position in order to study the mysteries of magic. It was then that Evandar became king so it is possible that Dellanir was Evandar's mother and therefore Arya's grandmother. It is unknown whether or not Dellanir is still alive.

Queen Tamunora[edit]

Queen Tamunora was the elven queen who worked with the dragons to create the pact that would lead to the formation of the Dragon Riders, ending Du Fyrn Skulblaka. She was eventually succeeded, although whether or not she died has yet to be revealed.


Anurin was an elven Dragon Rider, and leader of the Dragon Riders before Vrael. He was the leader of the Riders when humans entered the pact between elves and dragons. Anurin was also responsible for moving the Dragon Rider's headquarters away from the elven city of Illirea (now Urû’baen) to the island of Vroengard, because he believed the Riders must be equal toward all races, not only to the elves. Anurin's successor was the Rider Vrael. It is not said how Anurin died, the name of his dragon nor its color.

King Palancar[edit]

Palancar was the king of the humans when they first migrated and established a settlement in Alagaësia. He founded the Broddring Kingdom, but was defeated by the Dragon Riders when he attempted to annex elvish territory. His lieutenants betrayed him and signed a treaty with the elves, confining Palancar and his house to a valley in the Spine (a mountain range), where the Riders could keep watch on him. Shortly after his deposing and banishment, Palancar is said to have been killed by one of his sons. The valley within the Spine where Carvahall and Therinsford are located was named after King Palancar and is referred to as Palancar Valley.

King Korgan[edit]

Korgan was the first dwarf king. He discovered Farthen Dûr while tunneling for gold. He was king when the dwarves migrated to the Beor Mountains from the then-forming Hadarac Desert more than 8000 years ago. Korgan also forged Volund, the golden warhammer that has been passed down to every dwarf ruler since. Korgan was the founder of Dûrgrimst Ingeitum, and is known by the dwarves as "the father of their race." Korgan is dead as he was immortalized in one of the statues in dwarf kings' halls. How he died is unspecified.


Thuviel was an elven Dragon Rider. His dragon was killed a month before the attack on Vroengard and he no longer wished to live, but all able warriors were needed to defend the city. Vrael asked Thuviel to commit suicide by "converting his flesh into energy", causing a massive explosion with a strikingly similar effect to that of a nuclear weapon, but asked that he only do so if the battle was lost to Galbatorix and the Forsworn. At the battle of Doru Areba, this came to pass and Thuviel's action killed Glaerun of the Forsworn, but also many Dragon Riders and wild dragons. The rest of the Forsworn managed to magically shield themselves. Nevertheless, because of his actions, the Riders were able to protect the eggs and Eldunarí in the Vault of Souls, as the island was poisoned by the explosion, preventing Galbatorix from settling there and staying long enough to discover the Vault of Souls.


Umaroth (pronounced "oo-MAR-oth") was the white dragon bonded to Vrael, leader of the dragon riders of old before their fall. Umaroth's physical body was destroyed by Galbatorix, but he stayed hidden in the Rock of Kuthian in the form of his Eldunarí, the dragons's heart of hearts. He was the representative of the one hundred and thirty six dragons who managed to stay hidden. Umaroth is given the honorary title "Elda" by Eragon, Saphira and many of the elves including Arya. He along with the other Eldunarí lends his strength to Eragon to help him defeat Galbatorix. In the end of Inheritance, Umaroth along with the other Eldunarí travels with Eragon, Saphira and twenty elves out of Alagaësia to a place safe for the new order of dragon riders to arise.


Valdr was an ancient wild male dragon in his Eldunarí form. He was chosen to be placed in the Vault of Souls along with the other one hundred and thirty six dragons safe from Galbatorix. Valdr conversed with Eragon occasionally in the form of visions which Eragon found difficult to decipher. In the near end of Inheritance when Eragon was considering attempting to raise Brom from the dead, Valdr advises him against doing so suggesting him that the dead were better left to themselves. This was also the first time that Eragon understood properly about what Valdr was trying to convey. Valdr is the oldest dragon among Eragon's Eldunarí, which confirmed his physical body was dead long before the magical union between the elves and dragons. "Leave the dead to the earth. They are not for us," Valdr said to Eragon when the desire to rise Brom from the dead arose in him.


Belgabad was an ancient, wild dragon who lived alone in the northern region of Alagaësia, a place described by Glaedr as an "icy reach of the north". He died at Vroengard during the assault by Galbatorix and the Forsworn. It is unknown whether he disgorged his Eldunarí into the Vault of Souls or not. However, it is safe to assume that he had his Eldunarí disgorged and placed into The Vault of Souls due to Umaroth's narration stating that, "It was easy to convince the wild dragons to disgorge their Eldunarí as Galbatorix had been hunting them and they have no magical protection against him. So, they came to this vault and give charge their Eldunarí." He was the biggest dragon at that time. It is implied by Galbatorix that his cape is made from the membrane of Belgabad's wings. Saphira is a descendant of Belgabad. It is not known whether Belgabad and Shruikan were of the same size, but it is known that they were both large compared to even Glaedr.

Raugmar The Black[edit]

Raugmar The Black was an ancient wild male dragon whose color was black and he was a distant descendent of Belgabad. Raugmar was a great-great-great grandsire of Vervada, Saphira's mother. Raugmar did not perish in the Fall, but "flew North to never be seen again." Galbatorix presumably attempted to kill Raugmar after seeking out all wild dragons.

Other characters[edit]


The spirits are a mysterious race that seem to be the living embodiment of energy. They can cast seemingly inexplicable magic, such as turning a lily to gold without killing it. When Eragon first makes mental contact with them (outside of battle with a Shade), they are described as inspiring a sense of euphoria. Arya tells him that they choose to inspire this feeling to avoid capture by sorcerers. The magic power of the Spirits also seemed to rival the dragons, though they seemed to be able to use it more easily and consciously than the dragons were able to. They also possessed great mental strength, with the ability to simply power through Eragon's, and presumably Arya's, mental barriers, even though they both are very skilled in defending their minds.


Cuaroc was a Dragon who existed as an Eldunarí during the reign of Galbatorix. Housed within a specially-constructed artificial body, he guarded the Vault of Souls under Vroengard. He bore the titles "Hunter of the Nïdhwal" and "Bane of the Urgals." Cuaroc's artificial body (which was created for him by Silvarí the Enchantress) was made out of a polished metallic substance, and took the form of a large dragon-headed man.In his left hand he held a metal shield, and in his right he held the iridescent sword of a Rider. His chest had a hidden latch which opened to reveal a purple Eldunarí, connected to thousands of silver wires. After Eragon took all but five of the Eldunarí, Cuaroc stayed behind to protect the eggs and remaining Eldunarí. After the fall of Galbatorix, Cuaroc went with Eragon, Blödhgarm, and a few other elves to find a new home for the eggs and Eldunarí outside of Alagaësia.


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