Érard II, Count of Brienne

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Érard II of Brienne (died 1191) was count of Brienne from 1161 to 1191, and a French general during the Third Crusade, most notably at the Siege of Acre. He was the son of Gautier II, count of Brienne, and of Adèle of Soissons. During this siege he saw his brother André of Brienne die on 4 October 1189 before being killed himself on 8 February 1191. Erard II's nephew was Erard of Brienne-Ramerupt.

Before 1166 he married Agnès of Montfaucon († after 1186), daughter of Amadeus II of Montfaucon and of Béatrice of Grandson-Joinville. Their children were:


French nobility
Preceded by
Walter II
Count of Brienne
Succeeded by
Walter III