Érard de La Marck

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Jan Cornelisz Vermeyen (1500-1559): "Portrait of Erard de la Marck"

Érard de la Marck[1] (31 May 1472, in Sedan, Ardennes - 18 March 1538) was prince-bishop of Liège from 1506 till 1538.[2] He was the third son of Robert I de la Marck, lord of Sedan and Bouillon.

He was also lord of Jametz, bishop of Chartres (1507-1525) and archbishop of Valencia (1520-1538). He was nominated Cardinal in 1520.[2] He first tried to obtain protection from the King of France and finally allied with the emperor. He succeeded in securing peace in the prince-bishopric during his whole reign.

His reign is considered as the most flourishing of the Bishopric of Liège. He reconstructed the prince-bishop's palace, ruined by the wars of the last century with Burgundy. He also restored many monuments, including Saint Martin collegiate church.

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