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Erasermate (known as the Replay in Europe and Brazil) is a pen product introduced by the Papermate division of the Gillette Company in 1979.[1] The word Erasermate in and of itself has become known as the erasable pen of the Papermate product line.

The original Erasermate pen was a refillable ballpoint pen fitted with a replaceable eraser. A disposable version called Erasermate 2 was subsequently introduced, with an appearance similar to the non-erasable Write Bros. stick pen, except for a slightly larger girth, and of course the black eraser, affixed to the pen's cap. The eraser, not unlike that of a standard no. 2 pencil, was about 5 mm in diameter, and 10 mm in length. The eraser was held in place by the force exerted by the cylindrical abscess of the pen cap. The eraser could be removed, but replacing it required more effort. Erasermates come in blue, black and red ink, with the pen's exterior often matching the color of its ink.

The erasable ink took over a decade to develop and needs to be pressurized slightly for continuous flow during use. A positive consequence of this pressure is that writing is possible through a wider range of paper to pen angle than with non-erasable ballpoint pens.[2]


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