Erasmus House

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Erasmus House
Maison d'Érasme  (French)
Erasmushuis  (Dutch)
Anderlect, Maison d'Erasme.JPG
Exterior of Erasmus House
LocationAnderlecht, Brussels, Belgium
Public transit accessSaint-Guidon/Sint-Guido metro station

Erasmus House (French: Maison d'Érasme, Dutch: Erasmushuis) is a museum in Anderlecht, a municipality in Brussels, devoted to the Dutch humanist writer Erasmus of Rotterdam.[1]

The house, of late Gothic or early Renaissance style, was built in 1458, and it was a school in 1515 under the tutelage of Pieter Wijchmans, canon and schoolmaster of the chapter of Anderlecht and a friend of Erasmus. Erasmus stayed in the house for 5 months from May to October 1521 working on his translation of the New Testament from Greek into Latin.[2]

The building was converted to a museum in 1931. Its garden is split into two parts that both try to adhere to the spirit of Erasmus; one through art and philosophy and the other through medicinal herbs from the 16th century. It was designated a historic monument on 25 October 1938.[3]


This site is served by the metro station Saint-Guidon/Sint Guido on line 5 of the Brussels metro.



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