Erato (duo)

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Origin Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Genres R&B, Funk, Pop
Years active 1999-2009
Labels JRTVSB&H, Hayat Production
Members Aida Terzić (nee Jašarević)
Dalal Midhat-Talakić

Erato is a Bosnian R&B duo consisting of Aida Jašarević and Dalal Midhat. The band began with five girls but after three members quit due to lack of singing ability, the band became a duo with Jašarević and Midhat continuing on. The band has released two albums; Backstage (2003) and Make Up (2005).[1] [2] [3]

The duo's name comes from the muse.

In October 2008 the duo reached the Bosnian Top 10[citation needed] with Putujemo Snovima, a track that featured Croatian singer Jacques Houdek.


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