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Eratosphere is the largest online free-to-join workshop for formal poetry.[citation needed] Additionally, it is a forum for free verse, poetry and prose translation, fiction, art, literary criticism and critical discussions on writing. It was founded in 1999 by Alexander Pepple as a workshop complement to Able Muse. Eratosphere moderators have included some of the best known formal poets, including Marilyn Taylor—The Poet Laureate of Wisconsin, A. M. Juster, A. E. Stallings, R. S. Gwynn, and several others.[citation needed]

The Distinguished Guest forum has hosted and continues to host presentations, and discussions with renowned writers and poets such as Richard Wilbur—a former US Poet Laureate and two-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry, the late Anthony Hecht, Timothy Steele, Charles Martin, X. J. Kennedy and others,[citation needed] and these discussions are permanently archived and accessible online. Thus, Eratosphere has become a useful research medium in academic and other circles to interactively gauge modern poetic trends and beliefs,[citation needed] being quoted as a reference for instance in Professor Susan Santovasi of Yale University on political poetry,[1] besides being included in the listing of writing resources of several universities.[2] [3][not in citation given]


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