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Erasmus of Lueg[1] (German: Erasmus von Lueg,[2][3] Slovene: Erazem Predjamski[4]) was a burgrave of Predjama Castle in the 15th century and a renowned robber baron.[4]

Early life[edit]

He was the son of the Imperial Governor of Trieste, Nikolaj Lueger.


According to legend, in 1483 he killed Marshall Pappenheim at the Vienna Court[2] during an argument in which Pappenheim had offended the honor of Erasmus's friend, Andrej Baumkircher of Vipava. However, Pappenheim was a relative of Holy Roman Emperor Frederick III so Erasmus fled to his castle, Predjama, to escape punishment.[4] He then allied himself with the Hungarian King Matthias Corvinus and started to attack Habsburg estates and towns in Carniola.[2] Emperor Fredrick III sent the governor of Trieste, Gaspar Ravbar, to besiege Predjama Castle. Ravbar tried to starve Erasmus to death, but Erasmus survived on food delivered via a secret tunnel through the cave system under the castle.

Erasmus was killed after a long siege.[4] According to a popular but unfounded legend, Erasmus was betrayed by one of his men and was killed in his room by a shot from a cannon.[5]


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