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Erasmus of Lueg[1] (German: Erasmus von Lueg,[2][3] Slovene: Erazem Predjamski[4]) was a burgrave of Predjama Castle in the 15th century and a renowned robber baron.[4] Erasmus was the son of the Imperial Governor of Trieste, Nikolaj Lueger. According to legend, in 1483 he killed Marshall Pappenheim at the Vienna Court[2] during an argument in which Pappenheim had offended the honour of Erasmus's friend, Andrej Baumkircher of Vipava. However Pappenheim was a relative of Holy Roman Emperor Frederick III so he fled to his castle Predjama to escape punishment.[4] He then allied himself with the Hungarian King Matthias Corvinus and started to attack Habsburg estates and towns in Carniola.[2] Emperor Fredrick III sent the governor of Trieste Gaspar Ravbar to siege Predjama Castle. Ravbar tried to starve Erasmus to death but Erasmus seemed to have an unlimited supply of fresh food, which it was later revealed was being delivered via a secret tunnel through the cave system under the castle.

Erasmus was killed after a long siege.[4] According to a popular but unfounded legend, Erasmus was betrayed by one of his men and was killed by a shot from a cannon in his room.[5]


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