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Ercole Bernabei (1622 – 5 December 1687) was an Italian composer and organist.

Bernabei was born in Caprarola, and became a pupil of Orazio Benevoli in Rome. From 1653 he served as organist at San Luigi dei Francesi as successor of Luigi Rossi. In July 1665 Bernabei was appointed maestro di cappella at the Archbasilica of St. John Lateran. And from 1672 to 1674 he hold this post at the Sistine Chapel under the protection of Christina, Queen of Sweden.

In Juli 1674 Bernabei and his pupil Agostino Steffani moved to Munich, where his superseded Johann Caspar von Kerll as Hofkapellmeister.

His daughter married another expatriate Italian musician, Gio Paolo Bombarda.



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