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Erdal Kızılçay (born c. 1950) is a multi-instrumentalist musician of Turkish birth. He has worked with, among others, David Bowie. He plays bass guitar, oud, drums, keyboards, trumpet and violin. He lives in Aegerten, Switzerland.


With David Bowie[edit]

With Iggy Pop[edit]

With Jane Siberry[edit]

With Jacques Dutronc[edit]

  • Jacques Dutronc au casino (1992)
  • Brèves Rencontres (1995)

With Andreas Vollenweider[edit]

With Septime Sévère[edit]

  • Un escalier-Sandra-Charleroi-Un air bête (2014)


  • Fahrünnisa (1996)

Music direction[edit]

With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra[edit]

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