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Ereal is the fictional sun god in the online text-based role-playing game The Eternal City. Ereal is worshiped throughout the fictitious setting of Midlight, where the game takes place.


In the ancient theology of Midlight, the story of creation is told as Ereal being at first alone, living in the Void, a timeless existence only known by gods. Eventually he came upon a rock, the World, and their union created Man and all other living things. Worshippers base a majority of their faith on the fact that without Ereal (the sun) there would be famine and the death of mankind.

It is believed that Ereal continues to watch over and nurture his children.


Worship of Ereal in one form or another is common throughout most civilized nations in the world of Midlight, including:

  • Aestivan League (previously worshiped several different gods)
  • Altene (as Erai'Theran, a war-like god equivalent to Ereal)
  • Cinera
  • Parcines (recognize Ereal as a major god among many other spirits and gods)
  • Remath
  • Republic of Iridine
  • Safelands
  • Sostaeran

The Cult of Ereal[edit]

In Iridine, the primary country of Midlight, religion is organized and is represented by the official and only recognized assembly of worshipers, the Cult of Ereal. It is split up into three different sects, the Sect of Bright Hope, the Sect of Revealing Light and the Sect of Nurturing Light. Persons who go against the teachings of the Cult are charged with heresy and suffer severe punishment, up to and including death. To complete the journey from acolyte to priesthood, the acolyte stands before the Oracle in the holy city of Monlon where the individual's path and subsequent sect are revealed.

The Cult of Ereal is led by a High Priest nominated from a Council of Elders. The current High Priest of Iridine is Tharius Allende. The Council of Elders is composed of the leaders of each sect, plus up to four other additional members named by the High Priest or appointed by the current Council members. Current council members include Titus Ahala, Albius Anande, Sartor Mithus, Spurius Ravilla, Drusus Rustius, Jarin Seneda, and Bernard Tubero. The Cult of Ereal holds deep political ties to the Iridine Senate, the governing body of the state. The liaison to the Senate is the High Priest's Proxy, who is appointed by the High Priest. The current Proxy is the brother of the High Priest, Darius Allende.

Cult of Ereal
Sect of Bright Hope Sect of Revealing Light Sect of Nurturing Light
Leader: Bernard Tubero Leader: Jarin Seneda Leader: Information unavailable
Represents: Ereal of the Morning Represents: Ereal of Noon Represents: Ereal of the Evening
Path: Healing Path: Divination Path: Activism

More recently formed, the Soldiers of Ereal have developed from the constant defensive environment that has engulfed the Republic of Iridine during its current war with the nation of Cinera. They are based in the city of Blackvine and while considered fanatical by some, they are widely supported thanks to their successes in protecting the interests of the Republic.

Soldiers of Ereal
Leader: Junia Gracious (deceased)
Represents: Ereal the Conqueror
Path: Strength


Ereal's priests are well known for a variety of week and two-week long festivals held throughout the year celebrating different aspects of the God and to the passing of seasons.

They are the Festival for Ereal of the Morning which begins at the start of spring, the Festival for Ereal the Conqueror which begins at the start of summer, The Festival for Ereal of the Evening which begins at the start of autumn and the Festival for Ereal the Wanderer which begins at the start of winter.

The Moons & Ravan[edit]

Ereal's opposites in Midlight are the moons Aera, Invex, Lucifal and Ravan. It is said that at one time the moons were worshiped as gods and rumours exist that there are still small groups of people who still practice polytheistic beliefs.

Only recently has Ravan appeared in the night sky and acts as Ereal's primary antagonist. The groups of people who follow Ravan and the other moons are discreet and meet entirely underground to avoid persecution.


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