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FounderMarc Christian Slater
United States
Products7 Speed Reading, Vocab1, Typesy, Ultimate Spelling Edit this on Wikidata

eReflect is a tech company providing education and self-improvement software. The company is based in United States with offices in Australia and Philippines. It was founded in 2006 by Marc Christian Slater.[1] The company has developed products for speed reading, vocabulary improvement, touch typing development, spelling, and memory booster.[2]


All products are in a computer cloud,and it is incorporated in Facebook and Google+. The products also have EDU versions that can be used for schools and organizations.

  • 7 Speed Reading software helps to increase the reading speed by employing 7 learning strategies, 15 software activities offers a lot of eBook selection and video training.[2][3]
  • Vocab1 is a cloud-based application that provides vocabulary building solution[buzzword];, it offers 180 different word lists and more than 140,000 vocabulary words.[4][5]
  • Typesy is developed for increasing and optimizing typing speed.[6]
  • Ultimate Spelling (now 7Spell) employs technologies to optimize spelling, it offers 140,000 words in its database, with the option to add more.[7][8]
  • Spreeder CX is set up so you can use it to speed read any kind of text. It contains some basic courses of speed reading.[9]


  • 7 Speed Reading was awarded best speed reading software by Software Review Boffin and by TopTen reviews.[10][11]
  • Ultimate Vocabulary (now Vocab1) was awarded best Vocabulary software by TopTen reviews.[12]
  • Ultimate Typing (now Typesy) was awarded best Typing software by TopTen reviews.[13]
  • Ultimate Spelling was awarded best Spelling software by TopTen reviews.[14]


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