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For the legendary Irish historical figure, see Érimón.
Eremon, Ghana
Country Flag of Ghana.svg Ghana
Region Upper West Region
District Lawra

Eremon is a small town in the upper western region of Ghana. It is about 50 kilometers north of Wa the regional capital. Found under the Lawra district, it is the biggest subdistrict in the entire region. The people are mainly Dagaabas (from the Dagaati tribe) and they speak an indigenous language called Dagaare. The religion there is mainly Roman Catholicism and the traditional religion which has been there for ages (though Roman Catholicism is fast overshadowing it)

It is noted for its plentiful production of shea nuts, a nut from which cooking oil is derived, usually supplying the rest of the nation with it. Its citizens have won best farmers awards because of shea nut cultivation.


It is currently in a cold war with a nearby town Zambo, Ghana, with which it shares a border. The dispute is over whose land a said institution was built on. Zambo claims that institution should have been named by their people not by Eremon. The institution, a school, though is officially in Eremon. This situation is however a rarity in Ghana especially the Upper West region.