Erenfried II

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Erenfried II
Spouse(s) Richwara of Zülpichgau
Noble family Ezzonids
Father Eberhard I, Count of Bonngau
Died c. 970

Erenfried II (died c. 970) was a German nobleman. He was a son of Eberhard I, Count of Bonngau and Zülpichgau.

He was Count in Keldachgau, Count in the Zülpichgau (942), in the Bonngau (945), in the Hattuariergau (947), in the Tubalgau (948), in Hubbelrath (950) and also count in the Belgian county of Huy, and Vogt of the Stavelot Abbey.

He married Richwara of Zülpichgau (died 10 Jul 963) and had issue: