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Skyline of Ergun
Ergun in Hulunbuir
Ergun in Hulunbuir
Ergun is located in Inner Mongolia
Location in Inner Mongolia
Coordinates: 50°14′35″N 120°10′52″E / 50.243°N 120.181°E / 50.243; 120.181Coordinates: 50°14′35″N 120°10′52″E / 50.243°N 120.181°E / 50.243; 120.181
CountryPeople's Republic of China
Autonomous regionInner Mongolia
Prefecture-level cityHulunbuir
 • Total28,400 km2 (11,000 sq mi)
 • Total85,162
 • Density3.0/km2 (7.8/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard)
Postal code
Area code(s)0470

Ergun (simplified Chinese: 额尔古纳市; traditional Chinese: 額爾古納市; pinyin: É'ěrgǔnà Shì; Mongolian: Эргүн Ergün), formerly Ergun Right Banner (Mongolian: ᠡᠷᠬᠥᠨ᠎ᠠ ᠬᠣᠲᠠ Эргүнэ хот; Chinese: 额尔古纳右旗; pinyin: E'erguna You Qi), is a county-level city in Inner Mongolia, containing the autonomous region's northernmost point. Administratively, Ergun is part of the prefecture-level city of Hulunbuir. It occupies 28,400 km2 (11,000 sq mi) on the right (south-eastern) bank of the Argun River, which forms China's border with Russia's Zabaykalsky Krai (formerly, Chita Oblast).[1]

The county-level city had the population of 85,162 people as of 2006.[2]


The county-level city of Ergun is divided into 2 subdistricts (街道办事处), 3 towns, 2 ethnic townships, one township and one sum.[2] As of 2006, their population was reported as follows:

  • Labudalin Subdistrict (拉布大林街道), 35,994 - seat of the city government.[3]
  • Shangkuli Subdistrict (上库力街道), 7,032
  • Moridaga (Mo'erdaoga) Town (莫尔道嘎镇), 25,309
  • Heishantou Town (黑山头镇), 1,797
  • Enhe Hada Town (恩和哈达镇)
  • Sanhe Hui Ethnic Township (三河回族乡), 11,497
  • Shiwei Russian Ethnic Township (室韦俄罗斯民族乡), 3,533
  • Jiqian Township (奇乾乡)
  • Mengwu Shiwei Sum (蒙兀室韦苏木)

Ethnic composition of the county-level city of Ergun, as of 2006, was reported as follows:[2]

  • Han, 64,591
  • Mongol, 7,294
  • Russians 2,468
  • Others (Hui etc.) 10,809

There are two international border crossings in the county-level city.[1]


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