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Red Star Erguotou on shelves (20200202160825).jpg
Bottles of the two most famous brands of erguotou, Red Star and Niulanshan (at far right)
ManufacturerRed Star, Niulanshan among others
Country of originChina
Region of originBeijing
IntroducedMid-Qing dynasty
Alcohol by volume44%-56%
Proof (US)88-112
FlavourLight aroma
Bottles of Red Star erguotou at 53% abv.

Erguotou (simplified Chinese: 二锅头; traditional Chinese: 二鍋頭; pinyin: èrguōtóu; lit. 'second pot head, i.e. second distillation') is a Chinese liquor. It is a type of light-aroma baijiu made from sorghum. The most famous brands are Red Star (红星, Hóngxīng)[1] and Niulanshan (牛栏山), both from Beijing. It is available in various strengths, the average being 50% alcohol by volume or 100 proof.[2]

The name "second distillation" indicates its level of purity. It is a clear, potent spirit and takes six months to produce. It is one of the most commonly drunk baijiu in Beijing, and thus has a deep cultural association with China's capital and beyond.[3]

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