Erhart Aten

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Erhart Aten
Governor of Chuuk State
In office
October 1978 – May 8, 1986
Lieutenant Bob Mori
Preceded by office created
Succeeded by Gideon Doone
Personal details
Born 1932
Died 2004
Chuuk lagoon, Chuuk, Federated States of Micronesia

Erhart Aten (1932–2004) was a Micronesian politician who served as the first elected Governor of Chuuk State (then called Truk).[1] Aten took office in 1978 after self-government was implemented.[2] He stepped down from office in 1986 after serving two, four-year terms as Governor[3] and was succeeded by Gideon Doone.[1] Aten graduated from Xavier High School, a Jesuit secondary school located on Chuuk, in 1962.[1]

In late November 2004, Aten and three other men were crossing Chuuk lagoon to Weno island when their boat was hit by a storm.[2] Their boat and all on board were lost at sea.[2]


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