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Eri Sugai (菅井えり Sugai Eri?, 1961 – December 21, 2016[citation needed]) was a Japanese vocalist, composer and arranger. She has been compared to Enya in that she "multitracked her voice into angelic choruses, soaring over spare but emotional arrangements", She lent her talents to more than 1,000 television commercials, and produced five solo albums, in addition to one under the name of Stella Mirus and two with her husband, Itaru Watanabe.



Released January 9, 2001 by Pacific Moon.

  1. Horizon
  2. Honen Bushi (ft. Anna Sugar)
  3. Konjaku Monogatari (Stories, modern and ancient)
  4. Aqua
  5. A Lullaby of Takeda
  6. First Love
  7. Mai
  8. Rakuen
  9. A Song of Birth
  10. China Rose


Released April 12, 2005 by Pacific Moon.

  1. Voyage to Asia
  2. Iroha Song
  3. Breath of Earth
  4. Teinsagu nu Hana
  5. Silence
  6. Etenraku
  7. Eternal Prayer
  8. Ancient City
  9. Kunino Sazuchi
  10. Fragrance
  11. Voyage to Asia (A Cappella Version)


A collaboration with Stella Mirus. Released August 19, 2000 by Pacific Garden.

  1. Air (For The G String) (Johann Sebastian Bach)
  2. Gymnopédies No.1 (Erik Satie)
  3. In Your Arms
  4. Sonata Für Klavier Nr.14 (Ludwig van Beethoven)
  5. Aquamarin
  6. Stẽlla
  7. Siciliana (Gabriel Fauré)
  8. Tableaux d'une exposition (Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky)
  9. Silent Love

Stẽlla Mirus II[edit]

  1. Sunshine Filtering through Foliage
  2. Adagio (Tomaso Albinoni)
  3. Cuckoo
  4. Menuett BWV Anh.114〜BWV115 (Johann Sebastian Bach)
  5. Pray
  6. Die Moldau (Bedřich Smetana)
  7. A Drop of a Moonlit Night
  8. Kanon (Johann Pachelbel)
  9. Toy's Night
  10. A Star Clock
  11. Pure

Kokoro No Niwa[edit]

  1. Genji Millennia Story
  2. Into a Sleep
  3. Heart of Earth
  4. Far an Away Journey
  5. Juvenile Mind
  6. Miracle of Time
  7. Beginning
  8. Spirit of Forest
  9. Mirage
  10. Tapestry

Stẽlla Mirus III[edit]

  1. Share Pain
  2. Our Music (Eri Ver.)
  3. With a Wish
  4. Pray In The Night
  5. Shooting Star
  6. Arcadia
  8. Sound Of Music (The Sound Of Music)
  9. My Favorite Things
  10. Space
  11. Under a Quiet Wave


She also released two albums with her husband Itaru Watanabe, entitled "Erital Christmas" in 2008 and "Erital Pops" in 2016.


She died on 21 December 2016 after being diagnosed with, and receiving treatment for, pancreatic cancer.


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