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Eric Adjetey Anang
Eric Adjetey Anang.jpg
Born (1985-09-24) September 24, 1985 (age 31)
Teshie, Accra
Nationality Ghana
Known for Sculpture, design

Eric Adjetey Anang (About this sound pronunciation ; born 1985) is a Ghanaian sculptor and fantasy coffin carpenter. He was born in Teshie, Ghana, where he lives and runs the Kane Kwei Carpentry Workshop.


In 2001, he introduced Ghana design coffins at Gidan Makama Museum Kano, Nigeria, under the auspices of Alliance française in Kano.

After completing his secondary school at Accra Academy, he took over in 2005 the management of the studio that was established by Seth Kane Kwei,[1][2] motivated by the ambition to "rise the name of his grand-father and see the world".

2009 marks the beginning of Eric Adjetey Anang's international career. He was, with his creations, featured in a television commercial[3] for Aquarius (sports drink).[4] and collaborated with the Oregon College of Art & Craft, by organizing a two-month residence in Ghana[5] for artist and Senior Lecturer Michael de Forest.[6]

In January 2010, Anang took part in the photographic project Please, do not move ! with the French photographer Guy Hersant. At the end of the same year, he was invited to the Black World Festival in Dakar as representative of designers from Ghana.[7]

Eric Adjetey Anang is also involved in anthropological research related to Ga people with Roberta Bonetti, an affiliate professor in History of Anthropology at University of Bologna[8] and Fellow at Italian Academy for Advanced Studies, Columbia University.[9]

At the age of 24, Eric Adjetey Anang was acknowledged as "a model for African urban youths" by the French newspaper Le Monde diplomatique.[10]

Within a few years, Eric Adjetey Anang has become, as a coffin maker, one of Ghana's leading contemporary artists, recognised both locally and internationally. The role of both families ordering coffins for their relatives and some travel agencies which include the visit of his workshop[11] in their packages played a critical role in the local recognition of his talent, and helped to attract interest of cultural institutions established in Ghana.

Exhibitions, other events and press[edit]








  • 'Colourfull into Darkness'. 9 Fantasy Coffins of the Kane Kwei Carpentry Workshop exposed in the Designcenter De Winkelhaak, the Central Station & the Permeke Public Library Antwerpen, Belgium. 22.8 - 10.9.2009. Organised by La Piscine d'Activité npo. Boulevard Amandla 2009. After the exhibition, the 9 coffins became part of the permanent collection of the Verbeke Foundation, Kemzeke, Belgium.
  • Public Order - one coffin for the permanent collection of Royal Ontario Museum. Ontario, Canada.
  • Welcomes Michael Deforest, senior lecturer at the Oregon College of Art and Craft for a two months residency[44] at the studio.
  • Ghana: Customised coffins[45]- Documentary film of 52 minutes. Directed by Philippe Lespinasse. FTV Pole TV5 / Wide Angle Productions, France.
  • TV programme, 26 minutes on the workshop. El Mondo TV. Madrid, Spain.
  • Guest artist of Boulevard Amandla project[46] in Antwerp (Belgium).
  • Radio show devoted to the workshop and the poet Nii Aye Ghanaian living in London. Radio Central, Antwerp, Belgium.
  • Private order of eight coffins - Private Collector. Los Angeles, CA, USA.


  • Moment with Mo Abudu - Emission TV of one hour on the production of the workshop. Studio M-Net TV. Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Order two coffins. Private Collector, Netherlands.
  • Interview with Eric Anang Adjetey. Arte Television, Germany.


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