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Eric William Barnum
Eric William Barnum Headshot.jpg
Barnum in 2011
Born (1979-03-15) March 15, 1979 (age 43)
  • Composer
  • conductor

Eric William Barnum (born March 15, 1979) is an American composer of choral, instrumental, and vocal works. He received his doctorate in Choral Conducting at the University of Washington, Seattle.[1][2] He is currently the Director of Choral Activities at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa.[3]


Barnum studied composition and vocal performance at Bemidji State University, Minnesota, where he studied with Patrick Riley in 2002.[4] He later studied composition and received his M.Mus. in choral conducting with David Dickau at Minnesota State University, Mankato in 2004. Barnum received a DMA in Choral Conducting from the University of Washington under the direction of Geoffrey Boers in 2013.[4]

Barnum has been commissioned by ACDA Honor choirs, university ensembles, professional choirs, and school choirs.[1] His composition of the poem "She Walks in Beauty" was incorporated in the male classical vocal ensemble Chanticleer's touring repertoire.[5]

Musical style[edit]

Barnum's music is tied to preexisting text, most often from Latin liturgical sources or English poetry.[6]


  • Chanticleer Student Composer Competition, for "She Walks in Beauty"[7]
  • 2004-2005 Composer-in-Residence for The Rose Ensemble
  • 2004 JCCP Composers Grant (funded by the Jerome Foundation)[2]


SATB Music
  • After Music (MusicSpoke)
  • Afternoon on a Hill (Walton Music)
  • Benediction
  • Dawn (G. Schirmer Music)
  • Fair Ines (Walton Music)
  • Healing Heart
  • Jenny Kiss'd Me (Walton Music)
  • Lo, I Am With You Always (Pavane Publishing)
  • Lotos
  • Love is enough
  • My Love and Grave
  • O crux, ave (Colla Voce Music)
  • Panis angelicus (Pavane Publishing)
  • Psalm 67
  • Return! (Walton Music)
  • She Walks in Beauty (Hinshaw Music)
  • Summer's Ocean
  • Take My Hand
  • the Garden
  • The Lie
  • The Human Heart (Walton Music)
  • The Lady in the Water (Santa Barbara Music)
  • The Stars Stand Up In the Air (Walton Music)
  • The Sweetheart of the Sun (Walton Music)
  • There's Nae Lark
  • There is Sweet Music Here
  • The Wheel that Moves the Sun and Stars (Santa Barbara Music)
  • Two Dear Hearts
  • Venus' Lament
  • Waiting for the Dawn
  • Waly Waly
  • When All Was Young
  • Wrapped
SAB Music
  • Dreams of Thee (Walton Music)
  • Music in the Night
Men's Choir Music
  • A Red, Red Rose (Walton Music)
  • I Come Singing (Graphite Publishing)
  • The House on the Hill
  • The Young Man's Song (Graphite Publishing)
  • To What Shall I Compare Her
Women's Choir Music
  • Heaven Full of Stars
  • I Am Not Yours
  • Invisible
  • Spark (Graphite Publishing)
Advanced Choral Music
  • 4 Responsorials
    • Responsorial I
    • Responsorial II
    • Responsorial III
    • Responsorial IV
  • Across the Fields (Walton Music)
  • ...and the Glory of the Lord
  • Antiphon to the Holy Spirit
  • awake
  • Blake Animal Poems
    • The Lamb
    • The Tyger
    • Chronologic
    • Confessions
    • Conflagration (Graphite Publishing)
    • Corpus Christi
    • Domine quis habitabit
    • eikon
    • Elysium
    • Heaven-Haven
    • Hic est Martinus (MusicSpoke)
    • In paradisum (MusicSpoke)
    • Inferno
    • look up...
    • Memory
    • Moonlight Music (Alliance Music)
    • Psalm 95
    • Remembered Light
    • Requiescat (G. Schirmer Music)
    • Sing in Dark Times
    • The Hateful Crime
    • Pigtail
    • Yes
    • The Rose of Midnight
    • I. Chrístus fáctus est
    • II. Ténebrae fáctae sunt
    • III. Crucifíxus
    • IV. The Rose of Midnight
    • V. Adorámus te, Chríste (Walton Music)
    • VI. Surreéxit pástor bónus
    • VII. O vérbum Pátris
    • The Sounding Sea (Walton Music)
    • The Sunken City (MusicSpoke)
    • The True Knowledge: 4 Mystical Poems
    • The Brier
    • The Trees and the Master
    • The Blade and the Grass
    • The True Knowledge
    • The Valley of Silence
    • The White Birds (Graphite Publishing)
    • There was a time (Santa Barbara Music)
    • To Night
    • Wellspring
    • Walk
    • XXV: from War is Kind and other lines
Youth Choral Music
  • The Bee-Boy's Song
  • I Sing of the Northland
Holiday Choral Music
  • Carol of the Angels
  • Flowers for the Altar (MusicSpoke)
  • I Sing of a Maiden
  • Natum vidimus
  • Sweeter Still (Walton Music)
  • The Beautiful Sing (Santa Barbara Music Publishing)
  • Weihnachten Nacht
Art Song Music
  • I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud
  • Light Mirrors
  • Lucy (cycle for tenor) (Graphite Publishing)
    • I. Strange fits of passion
    • II. She dwelt among the untrodden ways
    • III. I traveled among unknown men
    • IV. Three years she grew
    • V. A slumber did my spirit seal
  • The Frozen Grail (cycle for soprano) (Graphite Publishing)
    • 1. Why sing the legends of the Holy Grail
    • 2. What shall prevail against the spirit of man
    • 3. Dante, in his frozen hell
    • 4. Does he watch behind the lattice
    • 5. To conquer the world
    • 6. The star
    • 7. He shall find



Barnum is Director of Choral Activities at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa and was recently the Director of Choral Activities at the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh.[3]


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