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Eric Black is an American journalist. He was a longtime reporter for the Minnesota Star Tribune newspaper, and has also been a Twin Cities blogger. He is a writer for the online newspaper, primarily writing about politics and the historical background of current issues. [1]

Eric Black's blog, "Eric Black Ink," is now connected to

“After 30 years of scribbling for the Minneapolis Star Tribune, I acquired the right to refer to myself as a humble and obedient ink-stained wretch. Now I seek the wily and elusive prey called wisdom and truth. Fellow seekers are most welcome to join the hunt.” [2]

Eric Black is the author of a book entitled Parallel Realities: A Jewish-Arab History of Israel/Palestine. The book gives an overview of the two parties of the conflict, with arguments for each side. The book also gives a summary of the historical events leading up to the modern day Israeli-Palestinian conflict. [3]

In late 2012 Black wrote a multi-part series of columns about the U.S. Constitution entitled "Imperfect Union"

He wrote a large-scale expose of both Norm Coleman and Al Franken's positions on the Iraq War, entitled "Coleman and Franken on Iraq: Everything you need to know." [4]


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