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Eric Campbell is a prominent Australian foreign correspondent. He works predominantly for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), and was the station's Moscow correspondent from 1996 to 1999.[1] Campbell has covered many important and dangerous events in recent political history, writing a book detailing some of his most bizarre experiences as a foreign journalist, titled Absurdistan.[2]

On 22 March 2003 Campbell was working with cameraman Paul Moran in Northern Iraq during the Invasion of Iraq when a suicide bomber blew his car up near where they were filming. Campbell was maimed, but Moran did not survive the blast.[3]

In 2014, Campbell was among the first foreign correspondents to shoot a film on the controversial Ayungin shoal (Second Thomas shoal) in the Spratly islands and on board the ghost ship Sierra Madre (LT 57) beached there. [4]


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