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Eric Gibbons is an artist who lives and works in Bordentown, New Jersey.[1]

Gibbons is certified in Art Education and Elementary Education, and has taught in Japan and Egypt.[2] His classroom lessons have been featured by Davis Publications.[3][4][5][6][7][8] And several other books on art and education through Firehouse Publications of Bordentown, NJ.[9] his best known title being "If Picasso Had a Christmas Tree." [10] Recognized and awarded by Art Educators of New Jersey (AENJ) in 2015 for excellence in art education.[11] His art education blog, ArtEdGuru, is a resource for art teachers around the globe, and visited by an average of 15000 teachers weekly.[12]

Firehouse Gallery[edit]

Gibbons is the founder and director of the Firehouse Gallery of Bordentown,[13] which has hosted exhibitions of artwork by both local and international artists. In 2005, part of his gallery was converted into a studio[14] and employs a small staff of volunteers and interns from area art colleges. In 1995, Gibbons founded and hosts an annual art camp program for area children that runs to this day.[15]

In 2010, Gibbons established Firehouse Publications which operates out of the Firehouse Gallery. It focuses on art education titles including The Art Student's Workbook, Elementary Art Workbook, Art Assessments, and The Emotional Color Wheel.[16]


His work has been featured in international exhibitions of art in Los Angeles, New York City and Phoenix Arizona, and was selected by the Carnegie Museum of Natural History for a public work in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His work has been featured in ARTnews Magazine[17] as well as other international publications.[18]

His work can be found and is archived in both public and private collections including such places as the Guggenheim Museum, the New York Museum Of Modern Art, the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, Jeu de Paume of Paris, the Judy Garland Museum and others.[19] His portrait commissions include corporate clients such as NWL Industries, the founder of[20] and confidential celebrity clients.

In 2004, Gibbons received a Geraldine R. Dodge Scholarship for studies in Figurative Fine Art. In 2005, Gibbons was a top 10 winner of the Staples Invention Quest Contest and his invention entry, the "Digi-Dot", is available nationwide.[21][22] In 2008, his painting A New Hope was given to President Obama in Washington, DC.


  • Featured Exhibition, St. Louis Alive Magazine, January 2008.[23]
  • Participation in the 9-11 NYC Memorial Competition, 2002.[24]


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