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Eric Haze is an artist and graphic designer from New York City. During his early years as graffiti writer in the 1970s Haze was tagging the name "SE3" before taking on his more popular identity as "Haze". He has a Haze Brand store in the Harajuku neighborhood of Tokyo, Japan.

Some of his most recognizable design works include the now iconic early hip-hop logos for Public Enemy, EPMD, Delicious Vinyl and MTV as well as album covers for the Beastie Boys and Tommy Boy Records. He wrote the text for the cover of the Beastie Boys' "Check Your Head" album.

He has his own limited edition versions of G-Shock, Nike, and New Balance shoes. Eric Haze also appeared in the seminal documentary Style Wars, photos of his work appear in the book Subway Art.

Personal life[edit]

Haze married actress Rosie Perez on September 15, 2013 in Las Vegas.


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