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Eric Holthaus

Eric Holthaus (born 1981)[1] is a meteorologist who works for the Correspondent, Grist, and former columnist for Slate and the Wall Street Journal who is known for his mentions of global climate change.[2][3][4]


Eric Holthaus grew up in Kansas. His writing during Hurricane Sandy resulted in a substantial following. During his career, he has advised numerous groups and individuals on coping with changing weather, including Indian military officials and Ethiopian subsistence farmers.

He has traveled to Ethiopia in many occasions, where he does work for a climate project. On September 27, 2013, feeling that his extensive air travel was contributing to the problem, Holthaus vowed never to fly again.[5]

Holthaus is a co-founder of the podcast "Warm Regards" with paleoecologist Jacquelyn Gill and journalist Andy Revkin of the New York Times.[6]


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