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Eric Hotz is a graphic artist and illustrator.

Early life and education[edit]

He was born in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada and studied at Simon Fraser University, Langara College, and Capilano College, mainly studying archaeology, art history, fine arts and commercial art.


Hotz worked for Columbia Games Inc. from 1984 to 1989,[1] and was the production editor and cartographer for their Hârn books.[2] He did the design and art for the role-playing game High Colonies (1988) for Waterford Publishing House Ltd. He produced many of Columbia's interior color and black line art mapping works for their board games and for Hârn (an RPG world), as well as many of their interior illustrations for their published books. Afterwards, he went freelance and eventually worked for companies/publishers like: TSR, Inc. (Dungeons & Dragons), Wizards of the Coast (Talislanta), Atlas Games, and Avalon Hill. Some of his notable works include the entirety of the card art for the trading card games, Dixie and Eagles (both published by Columbia Games Inc.), of which over 1,000 cards were illustrated within a period of a year and a half. More recently, he has been working more for himself, creating Whitewash City, a large set of PDF wild west cardstock buildings, which he researched and designed from historical sources, many from actual surviving Old West buildings. He also created Roman Seas, recreating authentic Roman warships and merchant ships in PDF file format for paper construction. Eric has also been known to take on the occasional art project, logo design, spot illustrations for various book publishers, Llewellyn projects (tarot card illustration), and much more. In 2005, he founded his own company, Hotz ArtWorks, and has also begun a line of silk screened felt game mats (felt products) from his studio in Canada. In addition, Eric Hotz was the co-author of the Online comic strip, Larry Leadhead from 2000 through September 2011. Beginning in September 2011 Hotz has also been working in the educational field as a creative director for educational teaching companies.


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