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Eric Low Siak Meng (simplified Chinese: 刘锡明; traditional Chinese: 劉錫明; pinyin: Líu Xī Míng, born 1948) is a Singaporean politician and a member of the country's governing People's Action Party (PAP). He is also a general manager. He contested the Hougang Single Member Constituency (Hougang SMC) in both the 2001 Singapore general election and the 2006 general election, losing both times.

As PAP candidate for Hougang[edit]

Hougang SMC is one of the only two Singaporean constituencies currently held by the opposition of Singapore, which has a dominant-party system. Though the PAP has a firm hold over the rest of the nation, and currently holds 80 of 87 seats in the Parliament of Singapore, Hougang SMC has been consistently held by the opposition since the 1991 general elections.

Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong was tasked with the "special assignment" of helping Low win Hougang in the 2006 general elections, along with Sitoh Yih Pin, the PAP candidate for opposition-held Potong Pasir Single Member Constituency. Low and Sitoh were promised more latitude in the Parliament and freedom from being subjected to the party whip if he won Hougang SMC.[1] Despite this boost from the ruling party, Low still failed to secure a win in the general election.


In 2011, Low announced that he would not contest Hougang SMC in the coming general election.

Electoral history[edit]

General Election 2006: Hougang
Party Candidate Votes % ±
WP Low Thia Khiang 13,989 62.7 +7.7
PAP Eric Low Siak Meng 8,308 37.3 -7.7
Majority 5,681 25.4 +15.4
Turnout 22,574 95.0 -0.4
WP hold Swing +7.7
General Election 2001: Hougang
Party Candidate Votes % ±
WP Low Thia Khiang 12,070 55.0 -3.0
PAP Eric Low Siak Meng 9,882 45.0 +3.0
Majority 2,188 10.0 -6.0
Turnout 22,247 95.4 -0.8
WP hold Swing -3.0


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