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Eric Nakagawa is the co-founder of the humor site I Can Has Cheezburger?.[1]

Education and career[edit]

Prior to co-founding I Can Has Cheezburger? Nakagawa worked as a Software Developer in Honolulu, Hawaii.[2] "In early 2007, after a bad day at work, Eric Nakagawa asked his friend (and future co-founder) Kari Unebasami to send him a photo of something cute to make him feel better. She sent over a few cat images, superimposed with phonetically spelled phrases, or LOLspeak, and the two knew they’d found their calling." [3] Nakagawa and Unebasami sold I Can Has Cheezburger? to Ben Huh in July 2007.[4] ICHC was instrumental in bringing animal-based image macros and lolspeak into mainstream usage.[5]

Nakagawa is a New York Times best selling author with his book "I Can Has Cheezburger?" appearing on the New York Times Best Sellers list in January 2009.[6]

Nakagawa is a speaker in the online community as well as web development. He spoke at SXSW in March 2008 [7] about the LolCats success, and was featured in the Google Authors Series.[8]

In 2012 he co-founded simplehoney.[9] This startup was acquired by Ripple in April 2013.[10]

In 2014 he started Doge4water an internet fundraising where people donated in dogecoins, the project aimed to help providing water well for poor water scarce areas of Kenya .Within days the fundraising was successful.

Personal life[edit]

Nakagawa currently resides in San Francisco.[11]

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