Eric Remschneider

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Eric Remschneider
Genres Alternative rock, Indie
Occupation(s) Musician (Cellist)
Instruments Cello
Associated acts Scott Bennett
As Tall As Lions
Kevin Tihista
Veruca Salt
James Iha
The Smashing Pumpkins
Ver Sacrum

Eric Remschneider is a cellist. He is perhaps best known for contributing to The Smashing Pumpkins' 1993 release, Siamese Dream, and appearing in the subsequent tour and "Disarm" music video.[1] Eric also plays cello on the song, "The Bells" which appears on The Aeroplane Flies High box set.[2] Eric plays the cello on the Smashing Pumpkins VHS/DVD Vieuphoria on The Lost '94 Tapes section of the film on Soma and on Hummer/Porceline.[3] Eric also composed/arranged and performed the strings for the Plain White T's megahit "Hey There Delilah" which was nominated for song of the year for 2007.

Performed on and arranged strings for James Iha's first solo album Let it Come Down.[4] (1998)

Worked with Filter on their album Title of Record playing acoustic cello and Zeta electric cello.[5] (1999)

Heard playing the cello on the Veruca Salt album Resolver.[6] (2000)

Contributed to Kevin Tihista's album Judo.[7] (2002)

Played cello on the As Tall As Lions' album Lafcadio.[8] (2004)

Played on Scott Bennett's album Earth's Sharp Edge.[9] (2007)

Eric played on Chris Dignam's album Greenlit on the track "End of the Line." Chris Dignam [10][11] (2009)

Contributed cello and string arrangements to the Ayanami album Heliotrope on the track "Green".[12][13] (2012)

Contributed cello and string arrangements to indie rock band, Indian Oven, on the tracks "Warm Gin" and "Oh, His Body" in 2015 [14]

Personal Eric is the son of Chicago jazz bassist, Nick Schneider. Eric is married to Shelley Janiczek Woodson, a psychologist from Indiana.