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Eric S. Hatch (October 31, 1901 - July 4, 1973) was an American writer on the staff of The New Yorker and a novelist and screenwriter best known for his books 1101 Park Avenue, (which became a hit film under the title My Man Godfrey) and The Year of the Horse (which was adapted as a Disney comedy with the title, The Horse in the Gray Flannel Suit).[1]

Born in New York City, Eric was the son of May D. Hatch and her husband Frederic H. Hatch, owner of a successful Wall Street stock brokerage firm he founded in 1888. Eric was the younger brother of biographer, Alden Hatch.

Boucher and McComas praised his 1950 fantasy The Beautiful Bequest, saying it had "the zestful appeal of a good novel from the lamented Unknown."[2]

Eric Hatch died in Torrington, Connecticut at age seventy-two.


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