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For the English singer, see Eric Stewart.
Eric Stuart
Eric Stuart by Gage Skidmore.jpg
Born (1967-10-18) October 18, 1967 (age 49)
Brooklyn, New York City, New York, U.S.
Residence Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.
Occupation Voice actor, voice director, singer, musician, songwriter
Years active 1985–present (Voice actor)
1996–present (Music career)
Known for Brock, James in Pokémon
Seto Kaiba in Yu-Gi-Oh!
Notable work Pokémon

Eric Stuart (born October 18, 1967) is an American voice actor, voice director, singer, musician and songwriter who worked for 4Kids Entertainment, NYAV Post, and Central Park Media. He provides voices for English dubs of anime, cartoons and video games. He is also the lead singer of his rock band the Eric Stuart Band.

Life and career[edit]

Stuart was born in Brooklyn, New York, to a modern dancer mother and a criminal attorney father.[1] He is known for doing several English-dubbed anime voices at 4Kids Entertainment, NYAV Post, and Central Park Media, like Brock and James from Pokémon (the first 10 years, seasons 1-8), Seto Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh!, Gourry Gabriev from Slayers, and many others.

As a stage performer, he has toured with Peter Frampton (1999, 2000), Ringo Starr (1997), Lynyrd Skynyrd (1997), and has opened for Jethro Tull (1997), Julian Cope (1995), Hall & Oates (1997, 1998), and Chicago (1995, 1997, 1998) as well.[2] While influenced by many artists (such as Buddy Holly, Bruce Springsteen, Cat Stevens, Elvis Presley, Neil Diamond, Jim Croce, and The Beatles), his own musical style does not conform to any specific genre. Much of his music follows the styles of rock, folk, or country. His band has released seven albums and two EPs to date; six of the albums and one EP are presently available worldwide.



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