Eric Zann

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Eric Zann
Birth nameJim Jupp
Drone music
Electronic music
Years active2005 – present
LabelsGhost Box Music
Associated actsThe Focus Group
Belbury Poly
The Advisory Circle
WebsiteGhost Box Music

Eric Zann is an alias of electronic musician Jim Jupp (along with Belbury Poly). Jupp's releases are on the Ghost Box Music label, ofwhich he is a co-founder. The name references a minor H. P. Lovecraft short story, The Music of Erich Zann.

Eric Zann's sound[edit]

Zann's sound is deliberately darker and more Gothic than other Ghost Box artists, containing elements of Hammer Horror soundtracks, ambient music and drones; in Jupp's words, "its full of crows, church bells, magick spells and other gothic clichés".[1]


  • 4 April 2005 Ouroborindra, CD


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