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Erica Pierce (Mothergod).
From UNITY #0, art by Barry Windsor-Smith
Publication information
Publisher Valiant Comics
First appearance Solar, Man of the Atom #1 (1991)
Created by Jim Shooter
Barry Windsor-Smith
Bob Layton
In-story information
Alter ego Erica Pierce

Energy manipulation

Matter manipulation

Reality warping

Mothergod (Erica Pierce) is a fictional character from Valiant Comics. She was exposed to the same energies that turned Phil Seleski into Solar, and she gained the same energy and matter manipulation powers. Driven mad by the destruction and imperfect recreation of the universe, Mothergod sought to repair reality by erasing everything and starting again with the time streams aligned, leading to the events of the world-shaking UNITY Crossover.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Erica works as a physicist along with Phil Seleski at Edgewater Nuclear Plant during the original near-explosion incident. The same accident that gives Phil Seleski his powers also grants Erica powers. Later, when Seleski accidentally destroys Earth and sends himself back in time, Erica is sucked back with him.[1]

Erica's domestic life was bad and getting worse. It ends with her killing her abusive husband one evening.[2] While in shock from the killing, the Erica Pierce who had traveled back in time came in and kills the Erica Pierce of this timeline and took over as her.[1]

She takes her son and goes into hiding until August 5, 4001 when she set Unity in motion.[1] Seleski's trip back in time had tangled up the timeline and Erica saw no way to untangle the mess. Instead she wants to start fresh.[3] Her plans are stopped and she was put in a wormhole of non-existence to keep her from doing any more harm.[4] Erica is last seen in the wormhole during the second Unity.[5]


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