Erich Auerbach (photographer)

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Erich Auerbach (12 December 1911, Sokolov, now the Czech Republic – 1977, Great Britain) was a foremost Czech journalist photographer and the official photographer of the Czechoslovak government in exile during World War II . After the war he continued working in London to become a recognised photographer of musicians and artists in general.

While in London he worked for Sunday Times, Daily Herald, The Observer or EMI Records. He is the author of well known photographs of Leonard Bernstein, Henry Wood, Pablo Casals, Igor Stravinski or Jacqueline du Pre now owned by the Hulton Archives of the Getty Images.[1]


  • Getty Images: artist and musicians photographs from after the war period.[2]
  • Czech Foreign Ministry still owns a large collection of his war photographs.[3]
  • National Portrait Gallery in London also owns several of his photographs [4]