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Portrait of Arno Holz, 1916

Erich Büttner (7 October 1889 - 7 September 1936) was a German painter. From 1906 to 1911 he studied at the Unterrichtsanstalt des Kunstgewerbemuseums Berlin. In 1908 he became a member of Berlin Secession.


Büttner's work is dominated by color and dynamic form of expressionism. In the 1920s he created a series of portraits of his friends and fellow artists including Lovis Corinth, George Grosz, Arno Holz and Heinrich Zille. He produced a very fine book of exlibris (bookplates) in Berlin 1921. This very rare book contains the exlibris of professor Dr. Albert Einstein 1917, probably Einstein's only bookplate.

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