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Erich Haase (January 19, 1859, Berlin –April 24, 1894, Bangkok) was a German physician and entomologist.

Haase was Director of the Royal Siamese Museum in Bangkok.He wrote Untersuchungen über die Mimicry auf Grundlage eines natürlichen Systema der Papilioniden. Erster Theil: Entwurf eines natürlichen Systems der Papilioniden - Bibliotheca zoologica (Stuttgart) 8(1), pp. vi + 1-12, pls. 1-2, 5-8(1891–92), Die Indisch-Australischen Myriopoden. I. Chilopoden. Abhandlungen und Berichte des K. Zoologischen und Anthropologisch-Ethnographischen Museums zu Dresden 1886/87 (5): 1-118 and very many scientific short papers on insects Myriapoda and Chilopoda. He died of dysentery.

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